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    i set a fixed price 20€ and i set taxable and i set tax is included. Tax is standard and it is 22%
    Now in cart and checkout there is an error in round i see:

    product: 1235,00
    shipping: 55,00
    fixed fee: 20,00

    TOTAL: 1309,99 (included 236,23)

    WHY 1309,99 and not 1310??

    If i set 4 number after comma i can see 20€ become 19,9958…..why woocommerce have 19,9958€ instead 20€ ?? I set 20€

    If i set 1 number after comma all works fine

    Could someone help us?

    We have last woocommerce


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    Could someone help us please?

    Thanks in advance

    Plugin Support Joel Williams


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    Hi there!

    I believe this his is because we use four decimal places but show two.

    I assume you’re adding prices including tax. To solve this you can enter prices excluding tax (change the setting under WooCommerce > Settings > Tax and change the prices).

    It has to work backwards as you’re entering prices including tax and then setting the tax.

    For example, the product is 1235 inc 22% tax.

    That means the product price before tax is 1235/1.22 = 1012.2590

    So the tax is 1235 – 1012.2590 = 222.741

    1012.2590 + 222.741 = 1235 so that’s correct for the product, but you have shipping and a fixed fee too.

    We do the same for shipping and the fixed fee we get

    Product: 1012.2591
    Product Tax: 222.741
    Total: 1235

    Shipping: 45.0819
    Shipping Tax: 9.9180
    Total: 54.9999

    Fixed Fee: 16.3934
    Fixed Fee tax: 3.6065
    Total: 19.9999

    So adding those all together:

    1235 + 54.9999 + 19.9999 = 1309.9998

    We then show two decimal places so 1309.99

    As mentioned, to solve this you can add prices/shipping excluding tax and set it so the right amount appears for the product using four digits (you can still display two digits).

    Hope that helps!

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    we knew that to solve we can use price without tax……
    We were looking for a different solution cause we can’t do that…Is there another way to round up?

    Plugin Support Joel Williams


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    There isn’t an inbuilt way to do this I’m afraid, you’d need to custom code this.

    My sympathies. My site was giving a total 0.01 too much. I don’t think Woo has this right: 1309.9998 should show as 1310.00 not 1309.99.

    This fixed my problem:

    add_filter( 'woocommerce_calculated_total', 'custom_calculated_total' );
    function custom_calculated_total( $total ) {
      $total = round( $total, 1 );
      return $total;
    Plugin Support Hannah S.L. a11n


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    Thanks for that solution, @lorro!

    I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.

    @hannah S

    The issue is not resolved. It seems a small number of stores are experiencing rounding errors. My solution is just a fudge to keep us going.

    Its easy to spot on my site because everything costs something.00, so a final bill of something.01 shouts out as wrong to customers. I think the developers need to look at rounding a bit longer.

    @lorro, where did you add that code to fix this?

    It can go in functions.php for your child theme. If you don’t have a child theme, you can try the “My Custom Functions” plugin. Please note this code snippet is for my site where everything costs something.00. Its not likely to be a general fix.

    Thanks a lot @lorro. It solved my problem. I also just have products that end with 00 so that’s perfect.

    But still, there should be an official fix for this problem because it affects two of my shops!


    I use this code:

    // Round price for .99 .01 decimals
    add_filter( 'raw_woocommerce_price', function ( $price ) {
    	$decimals = round( $price - floor( $price ), 2 );
    	return ( $decimals == 0.01 || $decimals == 0.99 ) ? round( $price ) : $price;
    } );

    As @lorro says this code snippet is for sites where everything costs XXX.00

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