• Hi,

    I still don’t have any reply or solution to my players statistics problem.

    Minutes played displayed by players are still wrong and all my data entered were verified.

    I will be happy to put my local website on production server but if my displayed are wrong difficult to to it 😉

    Any solution?


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  • We have the same issue along with the way the number of appearances are being displayed on the player profile screen.

    Example below:

    We have input stats for 3 games.
    For the FA Cup game he played the whole match (90 minutes).
    For the Ryman games he played 1 in full and 1 as sub .. he came on in the 56th minute. So, minutes should be 124 (90 + 34). It shows 180 which is wrong.

    The career totals are also rubbish – none of the stats are there. Minutes shown should be 214, though it will probably show 270 but it actually shows 0. Bizarrely his profile record, if you look at his actual profile in Sportspress has 270 minutes as the total yet shows 0 on screen.

    So many errors .. and we still can’t change where the Appearances column is displayed.


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    Hi Andy @theangryduck

    One of my wrong statistics for one player.

    Recently for one competition “Coupe de France”, the player (link bellow) was a substitute who entered the match at the 54e minute of the match (full time match 90 minutes).

    You could the on his page that a his played time for this match is 90 minutes !


    Any comment or suggestions?

    Thanks a lot.

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