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  • Hello, guys. Just installed the word press on my site.
    I can login to admin section, but when I point my browser to blog itself, it tries to open a strange URL like

    you can see it here —

    what is the problem? i pointed wordpress url and blog url to what’s wrong with it?

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  • What are the 2 URL values in admin > Settings > General?

    moshu, they are correct, aren’t they?

    well.. I have no idea WNEH or WHAT you did , butright now i get the installation page for your blog.
    WHich means I can put an e-mail and name and install the blog myself 🙂
    that is not so secure, so take the blog off before providing a lik to the installation path…

    krembo, just reinstalled the blog again. and again — same problem.

    when i point to it points to which is very strange.

    yes, now I see what you mean..
    but when i go to the root the site works fine.
    i belive it is an .htaccess file error in configuration, or anyhow some server problem….

    …and the admin panel works great. but still can’t see my blog page.

    well.. looking again, when I type there is no problem.
    taking the www off, it does have some problem.
    must be .htaccess config. (at least i believe it is, but i might be wrong)

    krembo, i can’t get that thing with www.
    i type and

    the result is the same.

    anyway, any thoughts what to do with .htaccess?

    I am not an expert on .htaccess files, but if you will search the forums or the codex you will find plenty of info.

    Strange thing is, thatw hen I type or http://www.spy.ry/blog it works just fine for me…. no problem.
    maybe some other users can also try and say what they get as a result ?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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