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    I just updated WP to 3.8 today and use the up to date version of Antispam Bee. I got a notification on my WP-Dashboard that says “2 Blockiert” (“2 Blocked”) – however, there are no spam comments, plus, clicking on the notification loads the settings page of Antispam Bee instead of loading the spam section.

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  • Some other issues: Since the update, spam comments aren’t marked as spam anymore, they just go right to moderation. After manually marking them as spam, the dashboard doesn’t show the number of spam comments anymore. This happened before and after deleting and reinstalling the plugin. Antispam Bee seems to be seriously messed up.

    Any ideas? People out there with the same issues?

    Sorry, the second comment can be ignored – I just noticed that the plugins default settings had changed and I hadn’t adjusted them to my needs yet. However, the first issue still exists – clicking on the dashboard notification, the settings page shows up instead of the comments section. This doesn’t make sense, of course, since in case there are spam comments, I don’t want to check my settings but those comments.

    The notification in the dashboard shows the total amount of blocked comments, not the current count in the spam folder.

    I’d prefer to see both numbers (maybe as “X blocked, Y total”). I also would prefer that the link goes to the spam folder instead of the settings page … once the plugin is set up I don’t need to go to the settings page every day, plus that would be the behaviour someone who switches from Akismet would expect.

    Ah, I see – thanks for the hint, Gerald! I think that’s how it was before the update: The total number of blocked spam was shown as well as the current count in the spam folder. This would be much more comfortable than it is now.

    Okay, I’m gonna label this as resolved. Nevertheless, I’d really like Antispam Bee to have a notification for new spam on top of the dashboard. Thank you!

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