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  • If I post a forthcoming event or run for says april 2013, and its a 10k run, it I put 10k in the runners log part of the post, it will update my graph with the distance but it puts the distance into the month from the publish post date, so it appears that I did a 10k run in december when in fact its a run for april 2013, not december 2012.

    would be at all possibly to be able to add the month in, the same way we add the time and distance.

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  • Plugin Author frold


    Im not sure if I understand you question?

    The time of a run is based on the “published on” time.

    If you change your publish time to april 2013 it will show up in april 2013

    I use runners log not to planned runs – but runs I did…

    Yeah I know it’s based off the published time, but my friends there have planned runs and events and wish it so that people can see there forth coming events there aiming to run 365k in 365 days, and want to be able to track there progress.

    This plugin graphs work great we just want the km to be on the correct month.

    So would be great if we could specify the month aswell the distance and time.

    This could be optional like all the other settings got calories and stuff, that you can turn on and off.

    Plugin Author frold


    Hey again,

    You should be able to use a code like:

    [runners_log_gchart type="pie" format="d" year="2013" month="April" color="224499" width="600" height="300"]

    Is it that you need?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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