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    Under “Successful Logins (all)” it correctly use the configured timezone but instead under “Successful Logins (admins)” and “Logged-in Users” it doesn’t use it correctly and I see it displayed as two hours in the future.

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  • There is an option in the plugin’ settings page that allows you to change the timezone that the plugin uses to display the dates. They are actually registered in our server in PDT but for some reason it gets changed by some hosting providers due to misconfigured PHP installations.

    I have been investigating this bug for quite a while and have applied multiple patches to try to fix it, but so far no complete solution have been found, there is always an user that reports an inconsistency in their logs, there seems to be many edge cases.

    Give the “Timezone” setting a try and see how it goes.

    Here someone said it works [1] give it a try maybe it works for you too.

    [1] https://wordpress.org/support/topic/time-settings-2/#post-10074559

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