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  • Plugin Author ovann86



    Thanks for reporting this.

    This plugin uses the JavaScript API, which Disqus discontinued support for several years ago.

    They have a proper server side API, which there’s another plugin on the WP directory uses, but I prefer this one – less work for the server and no caching issues.

    That being said, I’m thinking they’re starting to stop it from working now ! Or at least gremlins are fiddling – because it’s spitting out different code breaking those links.

    Having a Look at it, it looks like if I turn off “Hide moderator comments” in the settings page (wp-admin -> Comments -> Disqus Latest Comments) the links work again.

    Could you give that a try to see if you find the same thing?



    I can confirm that this bug exist. Changing exclude moderator comments makes no difference.

    It just randomly passes or not full comment address. Which causes described error.

    Najnowsze komentarze – latest comments, hover on time and see.

    Right now I can see comments without full link here

    while here it proved full links



    yes, excluding moderator comments doesn’t help
    but yesterday and today it works ok



    And yet today, all links are ok. Looks like the fault is on disquses side.

    I have the same problem too. Is there a new solution?

    Seeing this issue as well. No change when moderator comments disabled.

    Same issue. As a sidenote I tried using the disqus supplied recent_comments_widget.js and the issue exists there as well but only as a widget. If you add that code to a post/page it will link correctly.

    Therefore maybe the code needs to be in the loop to work correctly associated the originating post for the specific comment.

    Hi guys,
    here’s an alternative.
    Copy this code
    `<script type=”text/javascript” src=”″></script>
    and replace “disqusshortname” with your disqus short name account.

    Plugin Author ovann86



    This plugin uses the “old” JavaScript API – which Disqus havent supported for a long-long time.

    The issue we’re experiencing is coming from the API – which is not something I can control and I have little hope for Disqus to resolve it, since they no longer support it.

    I’m considering discontinuing this plugin.

    There is another free plugin that uses the “new” API – although I’m not completely satisfied with how it works.

    I’m going to look into re-coding this plugin to use the “new” API to resolve the issue.

    I’ll update here when I know what I will do.

    Yeah, the other plugin it’s not as good as yours.
    Thank you for your work.

    Plugin Author ovann86



    For anyone following this – I’ve rewritten this plugin to use the new Disqus application API.

    I believe the plugin is finished and working, but I haven’t released it yet until I can do a bit more testing.

    If you have the opportunity could you install the beta version and confirm that things are working. The update requires you to register for an API key – but the plugin has instructions on how to do this.

    To do this … install the WP Rollback plugin, go to the plugins page, click on ‘roll back’ for this plugin and select version 2.0.0-beta1 to install.

    If you test it out please report back – an ‘all good’ would be enough.

    Thanks Ovann, beta installed and seems working, so far.
    WP 4.9.4 Disqus plugin 3.0.15 .
    I’ll let you know if something changes.
    Thanks again for the upgrade.

    Only a couple of things: clicking on date/time, it opens the link in a blank page, even if the relative option is disabled in options panel.
    I vould ilke to open the link in current page or, may be, to have an option to choose from, without need to change the code.
    Regarding option panel, enabling/disabling “Hide Moderator Comments” and “Open links in new windows” have no effect.
    Thanks in advance

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    Great work on the new version!
    There are a few minor issues though.

    First of all, I cannot unselect “Bypass cache” — after I save it’s still selected.

    The second issue is a warning: Notice: Undefined variable: comment_html in /…/public_html/wp-content/plugins/disqus-latest-comments/disqus-latest-comments-addon.php on line 333

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