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  • I think I have found something that is not working correctly in WordPress. I have used WP on hundreds of blogs and never seen it before.

    I have been fighting with this issue for almost two fully days now and I havent solved the problem yet. Not even found a work around that works.

    The issue is that I have a page with images and when I wanted to change some of those images WordPress keeps on showing the old images even though they are deleted from the Media manager. I have tried uploading the new images 30 or 40 times and by using the Media uploader from Admin menu instead of the Media uploader in post/pages I have apparantly changed the images in the Admin Mediauploader part so the correct images are shown here.

    But when using the Image uploader from post/pages WP still shows the old images EVEN THOUGH I DELETE THEM AND UPLOAD THE NEW ONES!

    There are no way I can get the right images inserted in post/pages!

    WordPress acts like if the old images are cached – but they aren’t. I also tried uploading the new images via ftp but WP still shows te old images.

    It should be a simple thing to change an image in a post and Im totally surprised that it simply won’t work – it has always worked before.

    I have experienced this behaviour in WP 3.8 and in the previous version and I still haven’t figured out what is going on…

    The images are here – but it ptobably won’t help much without knowing the old and new ones:

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    Caching perhaps? I have PageSpeed and Varnish, and I have to forceully flush the cache to get it to work.

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