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    The field is working. I’ve checked it. The URL you enter is wrong because you need the file URL not the post URL.

    I am afraid there is still confusion on my part or error. I need to know if I have things set up correctly. As I understand it the “General” setting are for the whole site. Therefore I set the card type as summary_large_Image. I am able to fill in the plugin options and go to validate and see a beautifully formatted card as I expect…every field correct as corresponds to the plugin fields.

    Then I go to media library and select an image to edit. In the admin section of editing the card there are twitter card plugin fields to be filled out.

    The fields, even when changed do not update and the card type is defaulted to the one set in the general settings, namely summary_large_image.

    Furthermore, as I try to validate the image using I recieve an error invalid card type.

    If I validate the image page like I receive a validated card but the image is the default image as was placed in the general settings.

    HOWEVER: the card description and alternate text are correct and indeed the text as is filled in on the edit image dialog page for the image.

    So at the core there seems to be two things I can not get past. Changing the card type for the image (on the WP edit image admin page) so as to not receive a card type error and the image selection for the card default of summary_large_Image when on an image other than the default image.

    Have I misinterpreted what the plugin should do? I was expecting

    1.) a default card for the site\
    2.) an ability to set cards for individual image pages
    3.) an ability to set cards for individual images
    4.) an ability to set cards for individual pages and posts (however I have not gotten there yet).

    Thanks, Rich

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    There are a few things before :

    – your website is very slow that can break cards and validation sometimes
    – you’re not running the latest version (4.2)
    – you did not include specific rules in robots.txt as recommanded on the plugin documentation
    – you did not deactivate Twitter cards option in WordPress SEO as recommanded in the plugin and documentation and as the notice says when you activate the plugin for the first time if WP SEO is activated

    For images, you have 2 options :
    – featured image
    – custom url of the img file

    If empty the plugin grabs the fallback set on option page.

    If you edit a media, it’s an attached post and the card can be set but on a different URL. This URL is the URL of the attached post not the parent post which keeps its own settings.

    Hope that helps you.
    Best regards.

    Hi JM

    After more extensive evaluation here is what I conclude:

    1.) I agree the site is slow. We are working to improve this, however:the summary card for the site works perfectly. So do others ( I will explain)

    2.) I just installed the plug in so the revision was second to last…however; to be certain I updated this morning.

    3.) Robot.txt was updated straight away per instructions as follows:
    User-agent: *
    User-agent: Twitterbot
    Disallow: /wp-admin/
    Disallow: /wp-includes/

    4.) I do not know why you think I am using WP SEO: I am not.

    Therefore: following and double checking everything and experimenting on our sandbox (test) site here is what I see

    1.) plug in works as advertised on posts and pages.
    2.) alternate image can be set using External URL for twitter:image? field.
    3.) card type can be changed (to photo for example) alternate image can be set, etc…

    HOWEVER: The same does not work on an image post. When editing an image –>>> Media Library —>> Edit (Image) leading to the image post the plugin fields are present but the image always defaults to whatever is in the plugin settings and the field can not be changed.

    So, twitter cards for media posts are really not manageable…the description field will update but the image will always default to what is in settings.

    So, also, when you say “If you edit a media, it’s an attached post and the card can be set but on a different URL. This URL is the URL of the attached post not the parent post which keeps its own ”

    I understand this. And the parent post is working perfectly as advertised. and yes a card is set on the media “attached post” but image is not able to be changed and is default to what is on settings page.

    Thanks for your help. Rich

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    Ok I see this. I’ll run some test to see what I can do.
    Thanks for reporting.

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    4.3 should do the trick ^^.

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