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    First of all, I would like to thank you for this theme which is easy to use and which works pretty great! However I have some questions and I would be really happy to get some answers 😉

    1) My homepage is a static page called “home”. When I go to my main website URL I am automatically redirected to How can I prevent this redirection ?

    2) If I put a widget in the “page sidebar” area, all my pages will show the widget, right ? Can I choose in which page exactly I want it to show up or not ? I feel a bit limited regarding this. Moreover, whether I choose the “left sidebar page template” or the right one, all my pages will display the same widget. Can I prevent that somehow ?

    Thanks for your answers !


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  • The first question was not due to QUARK theme. It was POLYLANG plugin settings. Sorry, this is resolved.

    Theme Author Anthony Hortin


    Hi Damien,

    To answer your second question, if you want a little more control over where/when widgets display, you could use something like Widget Logic. You’ll also find a couple of similar plugins in the Plugin Directory if you don’t like this one.

    Hi !

    THANK YOU for your answer, I didn’t know that kind of plugin, I’ll try it for sure ! By the way, I am trying to use an image as a banner and in the Theme Options, Quark allows me to do that (“Select an image and background color for the homepage banner.”). However my image isn’t responsive if I put it this way.

    How could I do to get a responsive image ? Maybe a line to change in the CSS file ? I’d like it to be full-screen and responsive and I didn’t find any satisfying solution to this problem.

    Could you help me on that ? I don’t know if you noticed this issue before, indeed, everything is great and responsive… except the banner image :S I hope I did something wrong and that the solution is obvious 😉

    Theme Author Anthony Hortin


    That’s simply the background image or the background colour for the banner area. Background images aren’t responsive and they don’t need to be. If you have a look at my demo site, this is the grey section that I’m talking about.

    If you want to display an image inside the banner, like the image I have on the right hand side of the banner, then you need to add that to one of the Front Page banner Widgets. Then it’ll be responsive.

    And to use a plugin such as Widget Logic to have the possibility to display my image on each page of my website, then ? OK !

    Another question, which may help some people too, I hope.
    I would like the footer to be at the very bottom of each page of my website, exactly as it is on your demo site. Everything works great except when I don’t have enough content. Indeed, in this case the footer isn’t at the very bottom anymore. So I can see the background color below the footer and I would like to prevent this. Do you have a clue of how I could do that with Quark ?

    I’m really thankful of the time you’re taking to answer our questions (I saw there are many topics). This is enjoyable, thank you.

    Theme Author Anthony Hortin


    If you want the footer to appear at the very bottom of the browser, even on short pages, then I would suggest reading through the following post to get an idea on how to achieve this.

    A Bulletproof Sticky Footer, Woohoo!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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