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  • Resolved sudoranger


    After I udpated the plugin and do a refresh.

    Facebook debugger
    Twitter card validator
    Telegram @webpagebot

    It shows the wrong featured image for my blog post.

    The title of my post is “This is a test”
    The featured image is named “this-is-a-test.jpg”
    The next image in the blog post is name
    and so on…

    However, now that the og:image is updated, it is showing the “this-is-a-test-1.jpg” as the thumbnail preview instead of “this-is-a-test.jpg”… It does not respect the WordPress’s default featured image due to this sort of filename scheme.

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  • Plugin Author Marcin Pietrzak


    HI @sudoranger

    I’m sad to hear this, but I cannot reproduce it. How can I reproduce? Could you describe steps during article create? or it was already created before?


    The article was already published 2 weeks ago. At that time I was using a previous version of this plugin. So, all my card thumbnails were using the “smaller” image version.

    After I updated the plugin to 2.7.3 few days ago, I tried to refresh all my post cards manually using Facebook Debugger, Telegram @webpagebot, and Twitter Validator so that it will change the smaller thumbnail to bigger thumbnail.

    Most of my posts that don’t have additional images (only 1 image which is the featured image) in the post were refreshed correctly. They are now showing the “larger” image for the card thumbnail instead. This is correct.

    However, there are some posts that don’t show the correct thumbnails after I refresh. It seems that it is using the second image from the post as the card thumbnail. When I checked the image source of the thumbnail, it is using the second image instead of the featured image that is set in the WordPress post setting.

    I named all my image files for that post as:

    this-is-just-a-test.jpg (this is the featured image file)

    another images within the posts were renamed as:


    So, when I refreshed the card thumbnail, it has changed to using “this-is-just-a-test-1.jpg” as the card thumbnail instead. It is not using the “this-is-just-a-test.jpg” file.

    I want it to use “this-is-just-a-test.jpg” not “this-is-just-a-test-1.jpg”. So this is obviously wrong. It must be the looping, or how you fetch the featured image file due to my file name scheme? I have not try other filenames.

    I can’t publish my blog URL for privacy reason. If you have other “privacy-friendly” means that I can contact you to see the problem on my live website, please let me know. I don’t even know how to post a screenshot here. Please switch to GitHub or something else, I really like your plugin. It’s simple and straightforward. I registered this account just to report this exact bug.

    Plugin Author Marcin Pietrzak


    Hi @sudoranger

    I was able to reproduce and I hope, I fix it in 2.7.4.

    Could you try?

    Thank you in advance!


    Thank you so much for the fix!

    All my cards thumbnails (og:image) are working correctly and showing the right featured images as of 2.7.4

    Plugin Author Marcin Pietrzak


    Thanks for check and feedback!

    Have a good day.


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