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    I am using your plugin and I have an issue with some of the users. Their email is not properly retrieved from facebook. They get a mail like 1234567890@facebook.unknown instead, where 1234567890 is their facebook number ID.

    I can reproduce this issue if I uncheck the email in the window showing at the first facebook login. However, they say they did not uncheck anything.

    Any idea please ? I need them to retrieve their real email in order to work properly with my website.

    Thank you for reading 😊

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    Thanks! It is very strange.

    I have created a test page which uses only the Facebook official JS SDK. This is just the example code which made by Facebook. Could you ask those people to log in with it and check if their email address displayed after login?

    You can also try it yourself. If it does not display their email address, I really do not know which is the next step πŸ™

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    @gingerbooch, maybe my previous post didn’t reach you as I forgot to mention you. πŸ™‚

    Hello @nextendweb,

    I got it thank you. I just have to catch them, yesterday was night time here πŸ˜‰

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    @gingerbooch, of course. I just wanted to make sure. If I miss your alias and you haven’t subscribed to this topic, you won’t get email about it πŸ™‚

    Hi @nextendweb,

    One user is not reachable today but we tested with the other.
    The result is the same. Sorry for the poor quality of the pic.

    Then I asked him to create the account name, that didn’t change anything neither.

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    Thank you @gingerbooch! Then it seems like it is an internal Facebook bug as that page is the official example code of Facebook. I haven’t made any changes.

    Here is a very long post by a Facebook developer who explain why the email address could be missing:

    Stephen Doyle states:

    • No Email address on account
    • No confirmed email address on account
    • No verified email address on account
    • User entered a security checkpoint which required them to reconfirm their email address and they have not yet done so
    • Users’s email address is unreachable

    They suggest if you think that something is wrong you should open a ticket on Facebook with the given user: But they will not be able to tell you the exact reason, but they can check if there is a bug in their system.
    If the user who has the missing email issue opens the ticket, they can tell him/her the exact reason.

    As the last thing what that user could try, add a secondary email address to Facebook -> set the new address to the primary -> Remove the original email address -> Add the original email address back-> Confirm the original email address and set it primary again. Then try again the test page:

    Hi @nextendweb ,

    Thank you for everything you did to help me.

    I won’t chase it anymore. Even if I can find the reason for my two testing users, this will be recurrent for other users and this is not gonna work well with my website.

    I will certainly use your premium addon to ask everyone loging with facebook to type their email.
    No sexy at all but that will make it possible to work for my case, this is the most important πŸ˜‰

    Thank you

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    @gingerbooch, yeah, it’s bad that Facebook does not give the email address even when you have the permission. πŸ™

    I close this topic and we will create a documentation article to our site which summarize what we found here.

    Hi @nextendweb,

    I bought your pro addon but asking for email or username drives the user to a blank page. Registration fails. When I disable this feature the registration is working.

    I use Theme My Login plugin. When I disable it, it is “working” but this plugin is essential for me. Is there a chance to make them work together please ?

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    Hi @gingerbooch,
    we are not allowed to support Pro Addon in this forum, but I see you wrote us to our support channel, so I close this topic.

    Hi @nextendweb,

    Ok thank you I will continue by mail with the support.

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