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  1. inge12
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I moved my site from the test site to the real site. (I'm using an "Under Construction" plugin while I continue.

    I finally have everything working right -- except for one thing. In the Admin interface, the Permalink structure is displayed incorrectly. It displays like this:

    Common settings Default http://ssnet.org/?p=123
    Day and name http://ssnet.org/blog/2011/06/01/sample-post/
    Month and name http://ssnet.org/blog/2011/06/sample-post/
    Numeric http://ssnet.org/blog/archives/123
    Custom Structure /blog

    It should not have the "blog" subdirectory, because this is not used, though the original blog formerly sat in a subdirectory.

    However, the real permalinks display correctly. It is only in the Admin interface that this problem surfaces. It's annoying, if nothing else.

    I have searched the database. I have searched various relevant files, but I cannot understand from where the PHP script gets the "blog" since the site ID is correct, as well as all references to it in the database as far as I can tell. About 16 existing posts have correct permalinks (Custom structure: Post-title).

    Where could the script for the Admin page get the "blog" prefix, when it is not used in the actual permalinks??

    Below is part of my options-permalink.php file. Does it look different from the usual?

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