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  1. PhilVaz
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I think I messed up installation and need to start over. Is there a way to change this? Here is a picture of my problem:


    In other words, where it says "WordPress address" I took this too literally and typed in http://WordPress.org !!!

    I must be stupid! Hee hee. It is now reading WordPress.org instead of LoanProcessors.net (or BrokenCredit.com another domain pointer) for all admin links inside my blog. How do I change this BACK to http://www.LoanProcessors.net since all admin links are now linked to WordPress.org -- I can type the links in manually in the browser address but I get this error message when I attempt to change:

    "Sorry, you need to enable sending referrers for this feature to work."

    At least one or two people must have typed "WordPress.org" literally where it says WordPress address, so how to fix that?

    Phil Porvaznik
    http://www.LoanProcessors.net or

  2. bob58
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Today seems to be URL day, I think, I (or someone) should put something about that problem into the codex ...

    But for now, take a look here:

  3. PhilVaz
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Thanks. You are saying I have to actually go into the database? What I have from that messsage:

    Then you have to go to the database (with phpMyAdmin or something like that) and change the following rows in the <prefix>_options table:

    - siteurl
    - maybe fileupload_url and
    - home

    I will have to call my web host for this, or I'll just have them wipe the database and start over. There's no data in it so its not a problem.

    Phil P

  4. bob58
    Posted 10 years ago #

    If there is no data in it, wiping and redoing the install would be the best way.

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