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  • Hi, apparently the wrong comments appear for my posts and i have no idea how to fix it although i tried searching around forums for a solution

    For example: This post does not display the appropriate comments for the page. Instead it displays comments from other pages.

    Is there any fixes to this? thank you so much!

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  • What happens if you change the permalink structure?

    nothing happens. still the same problem

    Did it ever work correctly? Does it happen with all posts or only some posts?

    On a second thought – there is something completely screwed up on that post. It says: this post is password protected, you need the password to comment, however I can read the post.

    Switch to another theme, like default. Disable all the plugins. Try making comments and check if they are assigned to the right post. Do that also with the permalinks set to default.

    it worked corectly before i converted to wordpress 5.1 then the commets started to go haywire… everytime i refresh the page a different comment pops up for the same post.

    the old theme worked fine but i think version 5.1 made the comments messed up for every post although the feed and count is right.

    No, the version 2.5.1 did not mess up your comments. You may have a theme that is NOT compatible with this version. (Many aren’t…)



    Did you remember to run the upgrade script when installing 2.5.1? ( )

    it says upgraded, mmm…

    i did not run it when installing although…

    I have exactly the same problem. I did a fresh install and something’s wrong. I get comments from other articles.

    yes, the comments works but they are on the wrong posts

    i still can’t figure out what is wrong…

    Me neither…. i am in deep trouble.

    However, the strange thing is that when you are logged, the comments go in the right place. Only for unregistered users goes to wrong place.

    Can anyone look into this somehow?

    THank you

    Anyone ever find a solution to this problem?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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