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[Resolved] Wrong blog displaying at own domain

  • I’ve well and truly gone and confused myself. I had a blog self-hosted at evelyndoyle.com. I imported it to wordpress.com (to have its community feature, among other things) and changed a few design features and appearances, and wanted to set things up so that when a user would type in my ‘evelyndoyle.com’ URL, they would be taken to my wordpress.com blog, not the wordpress.org one. (I was happy for the wordpress.org version to be swallowed by the cosmos.)

    I bought the domain mapping upgrade from wordpress.com, believing it would achieve this. However, it looks like I got it backward — now both ‘evelyndoyle.com’ and ‘evelyndoyle.wordpress.com’ display the wordpress.org blog.

    (Identifiers: my wordpress.org design has a header with a paint-roller background, whereas the wordpress.com design has a header with a child’s dummy/pacifier in the corner.)

    Where did I go wrong? How can I get my ‘evelyndoyle.com’ domain to point to my wordpress.com blog?

    I asked this at the wordpress.com forums and was directed here.

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  • Actually, I’m not going to give this any more of my time — it’s been too vexing. I cancelled the domain mapping upgrade, and have resolved to just keep everything at wordpress.org. No community integration is worth this hassle…

    you would have needed to wait at least 48 hours for the domain to redirect to your wp.com site which is the usual time it normally takes for domains. that could have been one of the reasons

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