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  • I’m having a strange problem with the wordpress blog stats extension. Sometimes when I click on the blog stats link from my blog’s wp-admin, after logging in to I am taken to my profile on rather than my stats.
    When I click Global Dashboard and then click Blog Stats on the inner frame, the best day ever that shows up is “Best Day Ever: 6 — Saturday, September 23, 2006”
    Obviously I’ve had better days since 2006, in fact I did better yesterday and it shows up on the graph.
    The only workaround I have right now is to delete my cookies and log in again, for some reason that fixes it but usually for just that visit, then I have to do it all over again.

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  • I am having the same problem (and have been for the past week or two). I have a privately hosted blog and am using Stats to keep track of my hits. So far it has been working well, but my Best Day ever also shows up as “Best Day Ever: 6 — Saturday, September 23, 2006”. Everything else in the plug-in works great.

    It also shows this on my friend’s blog stats. Any chance for a fix?

    It looks like we are not the only ones having this problem:
    example 1
    example 2

    At least this appears to be a relatively recent phenomenon, so maybe it will be easy to revert back to when this was working correctly…

    This appears to be fixed now (at least for me).

    I thought it was fixed for me as well but it just happened again. 🙁

    The rest of the stats work fine for me, but my “Best Day Ever” has always incorrectly shown Sept. 23, 2006.

    extraface, how long have you been using wordpress stats? (just trying to get an idea of how long this might have actually been going on)

    The first entry on the blog I’m referring to is (wait for it..), September 24, but in 2007. So it wasn’t even around on the date that WP Stats is telling me was the best day ever. Weird coincidence though that the date it’s stuck on is one day before the first publish date, a year later. Cue the “cut to commercial” sound effect from Lost.

    One thought — it was a wp install done via Dreamhost’s one-click (fantastico) installs; Not sure if that might somehow be a factor.

    I don’t use Dreamhost, and I installed by uploading the files, so that’s probably not related.

    Is there any way to get the attention of people who actually work on this thing or do we just have to hope they notice this post?

    Still having this problem. Anybody?

    I still have this problem. It goes back and forth – some days it works, but most days it doesn’t. Same thing September 23 6 views. Is there any other stats program that would be more accurate and perhaps have more detail? Thanks!

    Google analytics works pretty well and isn’t very hard to get it set up. The annoying thing is that it lags behind by a day or two, and I really like being able to see up-to-date information. Google analytics is also less blog oriented so while you can get the same information as wordpress stats, it’s spread out over more pages and requires more work on your end. For example, if you want to look at a single day you have to go in and choose that day as the start day and end day. WordPress stats is already set up that way, so it would be really nice if we could get this issue resolved…

    Mine appears to be working properly now. First time in a long time.

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