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  • Ive inherited a page where a “programmer” left us hanging out to dry. Just gave me an ftp and said “start here”. Already had some great help here, so trying my luck again.

    The aspect ratio is off, someone mentioned a code fix, but looks like it is more complicated then a simple line
    squished city:

    ive used a “featured image” I made in PS on a couple, but doesnt help.

    have a function “functions-type-project.php” in themes/admin with reference to the size of the image:

    another file “taxonomy-service.php” is in “themes/solid-wp” <– theme name folder

    prettyphoto is not showing the image for some reason if you click the preview image. Id hate to have to make a thumbnail for every product.

    im not a coder but logically can follow, do have a technical background, but PHP/CSS/JS somewhat different then c/c++
    Even then the code uses two different sizes for preview. Ive fixed as much as I could. Been racking my brain for a week or so trying to figure it out. THis guy put us, really me, in a bind. Something everyone taking a look at the site notices the issue.

    ALways appreciate the help. If anything else is needed Id be happy to post it up.

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