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  • I’m looking for a way to use WordPress as a journaling tool for student writers.

    As an illustration, look at this, which is an online writing prompt generator. The idea is that, every time you load it, it asks you another thought-provoking question like, “My dog is very unusual because…” or some such silliness.

    Over at Vox, their blogs have this feature; they call it the Question of the Day.

    I would like a similar feature in WordPress. Ideally, it would:

    • allow me to supply the prompts myself
    • reside in a sidebar widget that offers the question
    • upon click, the widget would take the user to a new post page with the prompt already filled in

    Can anyone think of a way to make this happen? (I am not a coder.)

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  • I’ll give this one bump to see if any weekend coders have any ideas.

    I went to the page in question, and this is just a simple javascript. If you do a “view source” you can see the script, which is GPL. You can supply your own prompts, put the script in your head section (or call it as an external script), then add the form wherever you want the prompts to appear.

    As an alternative, I use the “Randomize” plugin, which can be found at It has the advantage of using a database to hold your prompts so it is easy to maintain, plus you can assign a category so you can use it in different places, specifying a different category. At present I am using the one plugin to power random images, random quote, random prompt, random 404 message…you get the idea. Easier to maintain than the javascript.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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