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  • Dear all,

    to be brief and discriptive sometimes turns out to be not that easy. I hope the additional description following, will add sense to the Topic Title, if it shouldn’t be to the point.

    I am running a stand alone XAMPP application + WP 2.1.3 DE-Edition (German) for testing. There is no public reference page on the internet.

    The installation of WP worked fine, WP is running.

    Writing a post. Adding characters to characters, words to words, etc..
    When checking the PC-based “published” post, SOME lines are out of shape. So some lines go endlessly in the sidebar where the categories and the archive is.

    This problem seems to be independed of the use of “wysiwyg” – this I checked and tried to figure out in the wp search.

    This problem does not happen on every paragraph. Some are ok. I checked, whether it happens on may be each 10th line or so, but it seems that it happens by chance.

    What I observed is, that sometimes – during the writing process – that the cursor doesn’t seem to be active – as if some processing is running in the background (give it a Second or so) and then jumps back to the beginning of the paragraph.

    I apologize in advance, if I should missed to “search for the right topics” – it may be a problem of language, even more a problem of “where actually do I have to look out for”.

    Thank you

    PS: Should you find a similar entry under “installation”, ignore it, it was published in the wrong section.

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