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  • Hi
    I want to write one of my posts in Urdu or Arabic.
    How can I do this??

    The rest of my site is in English.

    I searched this forum, but could not find an answer


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  • If you want just one (or two) posts in a different langauge you can simply change the language on your keyboard and write with a different alphabet.
    However, I am aware that in your case it would involve also changing the directionality of the text (rtl vs. ltr), For some instructions about how to “mix” texts of different directionality, please, refer to:


    I have a small MOD for it that adds a keyboard into edit area. You even do not have to change the language of your PC, just click on a radio botton to write in your language (Azer, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish ..)

    If you are interested contact me



    you should be able to write in arabic without doing anything .

    i have a lot of sites bases on wordpress that use arabic …

    but the only problem i got was when i use backup … all caracteres will mess up …

    It depends on the character setting and the version, format of DB. I had this problem befor and actually I lost 2 years of my blogs archive, but now it is working properly.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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