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    I’m not sure if my question has to do with permalinks, which I know about, but I would like to add new pages but not under the name page. I like the default format of ?page_id=### so I want to keep this for those pages I’ve created and I’m fine with the same format for posts as well. I’m basically having articles from our printed magazine put up online and I would like to have something where when you clickt the author or the photographer for the article it goes to a page with their bio and some links to their work inside the site database. I know I can easily do this by adding each one as a new page, but I don’t want to have hundreds of pages. It would be ideal to have a new tab under Write like: Write Contributor that would appear beside Write Post – Write Page, and under Manage there would be Posts , Pages, Contributors and I could edit them that way. When you’re reading a post you could click a contributors name it would take you to ?c=### or ?con_id=### etc. And Note: I am not talking about Users of the blog or anything of that nature. This is just bio pages and such. Thank you for your help

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  • abelle


    while writing a post, highlight their names or the word/s associated with them where you want to put a link to their ‘bio’ page. once highlighted, click the link icon (the one that looks like a chain). it will then ask you to ‘insert/edit link’ of the page where you want to be connected.

    i assume this is what you want to know 🙂



    No, not at all. I know how to link things, I’m not an idiot. My question is a bit more complex than that.

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