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  • Hello,
    I am about to write lots of articles into my wordpress blog at once, but I want them to published in future dates, is this possible?

    I will write around 25 articles today, but them to be published evrey 6 hours can this be done ? if I am setting up future dates for this articles ?


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  • You’ll have to go in every 6 hours and publish them yourself, but yes. All you have to do is click “Save” after writing the posts. You can go back in later and publish them whenever you want to.

    Clicking “Publish” is what puts them on the site.

    Yes, just check the box “edit timestamp” (this is the step usually forgotten!) AND set the time when you want the posts to be published.
    Caveat: although the post will be published = visible at time to set, WP will ping update services (if you use any) in the moment of the saving. There is no future pinging.
    (This plugin may help you with future pinging:

    moshu, I dont want to play with plugins now, but does stock code provides this option ? I am confused with 2 replies above ?

    If I am writing all the 25 articles now, and doing all the edit timestamp perfectly, will the articles get published in future dates ? (as set for my articles)

    or I manually need to update them everytime going to my admin panel ?

    Disregard doodlebee’s post – it’s totally incorrect!

    WP makes possible what I described above – future posting just by editing the timestamp.

    If you are NOT concerned about the time of the pings, forget the part after “caveat”.

    wow thats great to hear :-), moshu can you YIM ?
    I have some questions.


    Sorry, all the free help is offered here in the forum.
    I use IM only for keeping in touch with my family members…

    no problem thanks again for your quick response. 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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