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  • Please “keep it simple” just like a golden rule to respect time for users who doesn´t need this at all just for blogging or writing newspapers. If designers or code developers need Gutenberg, please make it a separate plugin or at least not mandatory for all.
    Most people does not have time or does not want to learn a new publishing way or “Blocks” or things like that. Thanks for reconsider.

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  • I agree. As a journalist myself, I find it beyond frustrating and time-consuming.

    totally agree

    What about it is slowing you down or confusing? You have a title area at the top and a text area below, and on the right you have a public/update button just like before. On the right you also have a place to add a featured image, tags, categories, etc. JUST like before.

    The only real difference now is you lost a bunch of “borders” pre-outlining the title and custom field areas and instead its all organized neatly on the right.

    Additionally you can now use block functionality IF you choose. But its basically the same as it was before.


    No, it’s not the same. It’s not ‘JUST like before”.

    Take a journalist as example, who was using WordPress for years. He or she would type the article, then add an image here and there, make alignments, etc. Now he is REQUIRED to type a block of text, then add another block only for the image, make the adjustment, and finally add another block to continue typing.

    Think about this *hit thousands of times along a workflow, 5 or 6 days/week. Otherwise, the person can add a block of “classic editor” but hey, what’s the *****ng reason to remove the classic editor if the guy have to add a block of classic editor?

    As I said before: Gutenberg is ok to some people, but should be an OPTION. If Automattic is so annoyed with Wix to run over their public, should at least include Gutenberg as option on blog installation, like the language.

    My time is mine, please don´t tell me what I must do with my time, adapt to a “blocking” and stupid product, or going for a walk with my friends or my family. It is more than obvious that nobody wants Gutenberg, just waiting to see when Automattic understands it. THANKS.

    “Additionally you can now use block functionality IF you choose. But its basically the same as it was before.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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