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    I’m trying to use WP Webhooks together with Zapier to create new custom posts using custom fields. I found the docs for writing to custom taxonomies, but haven’t found a guide for writing to custom fields.

    when reading the custom field data in Zapier they are named like this:

       8: test content 1
       10: test content 2
       12: test content 3
       15: test content 4
       18: test content 5
       21: test content 6
       24: test content 7
       27: test content 8
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  • Plugin Author Ironikus


    Hey @aronambrosiani – thank you for your message. For what I understand, you use the create_post webhook action to create posts on your website, correct?
    If so, the argument you are looking for is called meta_input and it accepts a simple string or a JSON formatted string. Further details on both of the methods is available within the webhook description.
    Feel free to let me know if you have further questions.

    hi, thank you for the quick response!

    is meta_input available in the free plugin version or is the pro version needed? I’ve tried sending meta_input as an argument with create_post but no meta items are created.

    Using get_post to fetch the info from an existing post, the fields look like this:

    "post_meta": {
    	"_edit_lock": ["1590247166:1"],
    	"_edit_last": ["1"],
    	"uppgiftslamnare": ["sample data"],
    	"_uppgiftslamnare": ["field_5ec2a5c559ee2"],
    	"mejladress": ["sample data"],
    	"_mejladress": ["field_5ec2a5ee59ee3"],
    	"webbadress": ["sample data"],
    	"_webbadress": ["field_5ec2a61a59ee4"],
    	"samling-institution": ["sample data"],
    	"_samling-institution": ["field_5ec2a62959ee5"],
    	"berattelse_om_saken": ["sample data"],
    	"_berattelse_om_saken": ["field_5ec2a63c59ee6"]

    and my meta_input argument has the following value in Zapier:
    {"uppgiftslamnare":"[{{87705849__field_HBU7VKuxzVym}}]","mejladress":"[{{87705849__field_ZyoUbwhwD4N2}}]","samling-institution":"[{{87705849__field_Hk2x97p5nvqb}}]","berattelse_om_saken":"[{{87705849__field_kJrz8yElzFHS}}]","_uppgiftslamnare": ["field_5ec2a5c559ee2"],"_mejladress": ["field_5ec2a5ee59ee3"],"_webbadress": ["field_5ec2a61a59ee4"],"_samling-institution": ["field_5ec2a62959ee5"],"_berattelse_om_saken": ["field_5ec2a63c59ee6"]}

    …the post created using this meta_input doesn’t have any of the values in its post_meta object.

    Plugin Author Ironikus


    Hey @aronambrosiani – that’s my fault, sorry to mention that, you are right, this feature is only available within our pro version.
    With some custom code, you can still achieve that, but you would have to write your own logic for it.
    Here is a list with all the features in comparison with our free version:
    Sorry again for the inconvenience and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at any time!

    thank you!

    Plugin Author Ironikus


    It’s my pleasure. If you need anything else, feel free to let me know. 🙂

    yes – I’ll explore the zapier options a bit more before deciding on a purchase. I’m trying to build a complete workflow “form submission with image –> wordpress entry with custom fields including file upload” so there are lots of issues to sort out 🙂

    Plugin Author Ironikus


    Sure, no worries, it’s all up to you 🙂
    What’s maybe interesting to you: We offer a free extension for our Pro version which is called “Manage Media Files” – it allows you also to create media attachments using a URL via a webhook. 🙂
    You can find more information about it on our website and via the comparison link I sent you earlier.

    thank you so much! I think I’ll have to try the pro version.

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