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  • The location of the “Save” and “Publish” buttons in the “Write” screen are far from optimal and should be relocated imho.
    Think about the interface of just about any program you’ve ever used. The necessary buttons and menus have a fixed place on the screen. Hitting the save button always works because it is always in the same place. You train your muscle memory and flick your mouse almost subconsiously in the right direction.
    There are two main problems with WP’s “Write” screen layout.
    1) often the various crucial “Save,” “Publish,” and “Advanced Editing” buttons are below the fold and I have to scroll to get to them. This is especially so when you have a plugin like Exhibit installed, because this adds another input field (or two) below the textarea of the post.
    2) depending on exactly which “Write” screen you are on, there are different “Save” buttons and they are in different locations.
    This is problematic because the interface does not appear consistent to the user and finding the right button (especially the “Delete this post” one) requires hunting it down. Basic functionality should always be easily accessible without scrolling and ideally should always be in the same place, but this may not always be perfectly realizable in a web based application like WP.
    Possible solution(s):
    1) Make a list with all the possible “Save,” “Publish,” “Advanced,” and “Delete” buttons and put that above the “Categories” box in the “Write” screen. When an option isn’t available on a particular screen, don’t remove it, but grey it out. This way you create more consistency, although there still will be some scrolling should you find yourself editing key/value fields.
    2) Add another div in the “Write” screen and make this div {position: fixed; }. This div could either be horizontally oriented under the header or vertically next to the “wrap” div. Further it should work as above, with all options visible all the time, greying out those that are not applicable. Fixed position divs have their drawbacks, but it would provide some possibility for muscle memory to do its work, because the same functions would be ‘physically’ in the same place of the screen all the time.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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