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  • I would like to have 2 pages on my wordpress site, and when I make a post I would like to choose which of the two pages it goes to. All of my posts go to the main page so how do I make some go to the other page instead?

    I saw a plugin that made it so I can put a post on the second page, but I had to manually enter the ID number each time, and it also didn’t remove it from the main page.

    I basically want to have two separate blogs on one site, and have each blog be on a separate page on my site.

    Is this possible either with wordpress, or with a plugin? Thanks for the help everyone.

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  • to have 2 pages on my wordpress site, and when I make a post I would like to choose which of the two pages it goes to.

    Wrong thinking. Forget “pages”.
    Use categories for different posts: 2 cats in your case. Then use a plugin to exclude certain categories from your mainpage. Done.

    (scroll up > Extend > plugins and searc for category excluder)

    Would it be possible to make the second “page” automatically show all posts of a certain category?

    Man, you either don’t have WP installed… or you didn’t look around on it.
    Clicking on ANY category link – will display ONLY posts from that category. WP does it out of the box.

    Try the offered help before talking back…

    I do have wordpress installed and I do use the help. You misunderstood my question. I know that you can have certain topics show when you CLICK ON THAT CATEGORY but I want a PAGE to AUTOMATICALLY show posts from a category, not have a person click a link anywhere.

    It’s ok though, I figured it out.

    PS – thanks for being so polite.

    This is great, I’ve been trying to do what you were talking about here, and you say you figured it out! I want to only post to one of my ‘pages’ too, but I hate it showing up on the main page.
    What’s the secret?

    btw- that person who pretended to ‘help’ you needs a freakin hug.


    I also have the same question, mainly: I want a different page than my designated blog page that automatically shows posts from a defined category. I am trying to give the appearance of a second blog without having to install mu wordpress.

    Does anybody have a solution?

    @moshu: You sure don’t show the respect that a Moderator should on this site. First try to make sure you understand the person before you go and make a total fool out of yourself!

    Since no one seems to be answering these questions on this forum I went over to Digital Point to get an answer. To future web travels who land on this page trying to uncover a solution to the same problem read the thread on this forum:

    Hope this helps.

    what a bunch of ungreatful dolts you all are. moshu told you exactly how to do what you needed, and its the same method in the link you just provided mightybutton.

    who made a fool out of himself now?

    shitty attitudes and insulting the people who help you is a great way to get your questions ignored here. besides, ive answered questions just like this before, so you didnt search too hard here for the answer.

    moshu does need a hug, not because of his attitude, but because he puts up with tools like this.

    @boober: You’re right I was quick to jump on moshu, and in the end I did make a fool of myself, I apologize. Originally, moshu’s answer wasn’t exactly the solution I wanted, but it does work, and it was the one I had to go with. It still would be nice to have a solution that doesn’t require you to separate out the categories. Until this solution is created I will have to go the route moshu recommends.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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