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  • Hope you all can help me…I’m having a weird problem. I’m running a completely new (clean) install of WP2.0, with just a few active plugins. I’ve turned all plugins off and I’m still having the same problem, so this is something in the core.

    Anyway, I’ve found that entering a PHP code tag (i.e. “<?php“) in the editor always results in WP storing the string “< ?php” in the database (notice the space between the caret and the question mark). This is a giant pain in the rear for me, as I need to be able to use PHP code in some of my pages to realize my site design. I’ll be using the Exec-PHP plugin to execute the code.

    I’m using the Quicktags editor in Firefox 1.5/WinXP, not the RTE (as I know that will cause issues per the Exec-PHP plugin’s author). The same thing happens with the “basic” editor (i.e. no Quicktags) in Safari.

    This didn’t happen in WP1.5 for me…

    Can anyone help me identify what’s going on here, and suggest a solution?

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