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  • I’m having issues with post-new.php and page-new.php pages in the wp admin. Whenever I go to either one it only loads so far (stops after loading the image uploader) and then it just hangs for a few seconds until my whole browser freezes and then I have to wait another 1-3 minutes before the page will FINALLY load. These are the only two pages in the whole admin that do this and I’m completely stumped as to why.

    What I’ve checked so far:

    -Turned off ALL plugins (separately and all together).

    -Tried with and without the visual editor on. With the editor on, it stops short of loading the tinyMCE buttons. Without it on, the quicktags load, though.

    -Completely re-installed WP.

    -Optimized database.

    -Checked in Firefox, IE and Safari (same problem in all).

    -Got other people on other computers to check and they had the same problem.

    -Installed ANOTHER wp blog on a subdomain and had the same problem.

    I contacted my hosting company (which I use for multiple WP blog across several of their servers and have never encountered this issue) who told me that when these lines were commented out of post-new.php, they were able to get the page to load fine:


    However, when I tried I still had the same issue, plus disabling those make the editor not work correctly, so that’s not a good solution even if it did fix the page load problem.

    So I’m completely and utterly stumped. Can someone shed some light on this?

    My host seems to think it’s a WP bug, but since WP works fine on their other servers it seems to me that it’s a server issue. They’re stumped as well, though, and won’t really look into it more since they think it’s an issue with WP and not them.

    The url is and you can register to see the admin issue yourself.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Now the two authors of the blog are reporting not being able to post at all (the page just never finishes loading), the image uploader not working, not being able to delete posts or add categories. All of that is working fine for me, I’m just having the initial freezing problem, so I don’t really understand what’s going on here.


    Im with exactly the same problem, I develop a blog for a client, and its happening this annoying thing… You find a solution??? I don´t know this happening, I try all the thing you try too…

    Bye, good to see that someone report the same problem…

    I am having very similar problems with word press 2.3.3.

    The whole dashboard is slow, but the write page usually just times out before it loads.

    I started having this problem a few days ago.

    Hello, I had The Same Problem But i have solved it by editing “edit-form-advanced.php” File, which is in Wp-Admin Folder :
    Here is the New File (just removed some codes in the file) :

    the File is for WP Version 2.5.1 – if you have other version you can also edit the file…

    i just registered here to Answer you 😛 Enjoy…

    i think i found the solution, i had tested it and it works faster now

    if successfully load the write a post page after a long of freezes, press the ‘custom field’ option down there

    and for me, a long list pops up,

    i don’t know much about writing a script but i sit there and keep on deleting those custom fields, some few hundreds of them because i imported my old posts from the previous box.

    and after that, everything is fast again!

    happy trying.

    That worked for me, too! Fortunately there were no valid custom tags that I needed, so I went into the DB back-end and just deleted the entire table contents. Voila, snappy again! 🙂

    could someone tell me how to get rid of the custom fields? I’m having the write page problem where it is pulling up HUNDREDS of custom fields.


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