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  • When I go to Write > Write Page and create a page (e.g., “about” page), the page shows up in Manage > Pages, but isn’t actually created on my web server. If I click on the “view” link next to the page on Manage > Pages, I get a 404 error. I’m thinking this might have something to do with my webhost?? Everything else works fine. Thanks

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  • i doubt this is the problem, but i’ll ask anyways, do you have permalinks enabled on your site, and can you view the post after clicking on the title of the post?

    I do have permaliks, and when I click on the title of the post I can see the post without problems.

    do you allow wordpress to write directly to your .htaccess file? basically, is your .htaccess file chmod to atleast 666?

    when you are creating the pages your .htaccess file is not being written to.
    chmod .htaccess to 777, create the page, then chmod it back to what you want 644 or whatever. this will allow WP to write the changes to .htaccess so you can use the permalinks.

    that worked, thanks!!

    also speaking of pages the codex says:
    “WordPress can be configured to use different Templates for different Pages. Toward the bottom of the Write->Write Page administration panel is a drop-down labeled “Page Template”. From there you can select which Template will be used when displaying this particular Page.”

    I see no drop down menu am I missing something?

    glad you were able to get it to work andrew2

    in order to have a template show up in the pulldown list you must create one.
    in your theme directory create a file called ‘yourfile.php’ (it’s best to copy a template you already like).
    edit the file…and change the first php statement to something like:
    /* Template Name: YourTemplateName */
    Now this new template (YourTemplateName) will show up in the pulldown. Edit the file to however you would like below that.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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