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    This plugin’s description claims that it has NO EFFECT on how the site will appear to visitors — guess what? That’s a complete lie. It disabled my theme, deleted my main menu, deleted my homepage sections, and made widgets completely disappear. I don’t even know what I can touch at this point because I don’t know yet how it did its damage.

    This is a disaster. Don’t trust this plugin.

    UPDATE: No, this really isn’t freaking funny. I can’t get my theme to come back. The site is stuck in troubleshooting mode, even when it claims to be out of troubleshooting mode, I come back to the plugin detective’s setting page and I see that the site is still in trouble shooting mode. WTF did your plugin do to my site?

    Honestly, what am I supposed to do? My theme thinks it’s a fresh install. I’ve been fine tuning this site FOR YEARS. I have clients who expect to see their ads in the places I promised them.

    The ONE reason I gave Plugin Detective a try was that it promised to not affect viewer experience. Not only did it fail on that count, but I LITERALLY DON’T KNOW if there’s some magic setting I have to revert or if I really have to start with a fresh freaking install of my theme and site that MY USERS WON’T RECOGNIZE and CAN’T NAVIGATE. I’m afraid that if I start trying to rebuild from scratch, I might make things worse due to reasons I can’t predict.


    Finally out of troubleshooting mode, but the site is still a disaster. Somebody needs to take this plugin out back and shoot it.

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