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  • Is there anyway I can “wrap” the WordPress results within a web page based in my main site HTML directory?
    I always seem to have to re-create my sites’ header and footer within a custom WordPress theme.
    This forces me to re-create the navigation to look up one directory level, above
    the WordPress directory.
    This gets especially time consuming when I’m using Flash of JavaScript based
    menus, which I need to specially remake to work from within the WordPress page.

    Any ideas?

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  • Is there anyway I can “wrap” the WordPress results within a web page based in my main site HTML directory?
    If you meant in a html page – NO.

    I always seem to have to re-create my sites’ header and footer within a custom WordPress theme.
    Not sure I understand this. Why? Thousands of people are blogging and they don’t need to re-create their header…

    I should clarify –
    I typically use WordPress as a sub-section of a website, not as the main site itself.

    If I start with a front page, http://www.mysite/index.html
    I might have my pictures at http://www.mysite/pictures.html

    I would typically have relative link off the homepage:
    <a href="pictures.html">

    From WordPress I would have to re-write this as
    </a><a href="../pictures.html">
    <?php $siteDir ?>/pictures.html

    Same thing for every image.

    I suppose I could use full URL’s such as:

    That gets kind of long and messy.

    The reason you cannot “wrap” WordPress with current HTML stuff (by your question, I get your meaning to be something like just plugging in the WordPress stuff directly into your current HTML pages – correct?) is because your current pages are HTML, not PHP.

    HTML is static. PHP is dynamic and a scripting language (and what WordPress is based on). You can’t just stick a <?php function(foo); ?> within an HTML document and expect it to work. To do what you’d want to accomplish, you’d have to convert every page you have to PHP, and then you’ll probably have yourself some extra scripting/editing to do to get the proper conversion.

    So no, you *cannot* just plug WordPress into your current HTML.

    You *can*, however, plug your HTML into WordPress.

    Are you trying to create an image gallery using only WordPress? Because I don’t really see how that can happen, unless you just post your pictures as an entry.

    Sorry if I’m not exactly answering your question – it’s not very clear as to what you’re trying to do (at least, not to me…)

    You could always put WordPress in an iframe, but my personal opinion is that it’s confusing to the viewer having 2 scrollbars.

    <iframe src=”http://www.yoururl/yourblog/index.php?cat=4″ name=”whatever” scrolling=”auto” width=”500″ height=”500″ frameborder=”0″>

    Note the cat=4, I use that for control over what catagory the user will see when the menu is all linked up.

    I have just started with this php stuff, and what I did was find an appropriate template and modified it substantially, put my javascript menu into it and the result was this.

    If you click on any of the javascript menu items it will take you to my main site html pages which I think are ugly compared to my blog. This is just a start with no links back to my php.

    Now that I have a basic blog, I will be redesigning all of the static pages to have the look of my blog page. The intent here is to have the members of this club do their own website submissions in at least 10 of the present menu pages.

    I have never been able to get the upload function working, so I am going to resort to having the members update the site with their text and send me their images for editing, optimizing, uploading and inserting. It’s ok that my upload function doesn’t work because I don’t want them uploading images that are too large in dimensions, and file size.

    This will be a very stiped down blog where there will be no ability to comment, there will be no sidebar at the bottom, other than “Archives”. There will be an About page renamed to Member Posts which will outline how to make a post and give them the url to the “WordPress” posts page with their own username and password.

    Anyone know if there are templates for the WordPress posts screen? I would like to strip that one down as well.

    So far I have had quite a bit of fun with this stuff. Interesting indeed.


    If you add the following to your .htaccess file, you can run php on html pages:

    AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .htm .html

    It basically instructs your server to look for and parse or run any php code on files with a .htm or .html extension.

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