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  • Is there any plugin which will put a customizable bar at the top of the screen, sort of like with wordpress MU. For multiple reasons I do not want to use MU, but would like to have a small bar across the top of the windows.
    OR does anyone know of a wrapper for wordpress? I could use IFRAME but I need to be able to include the title of the page.
    Any ideas?

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    What exactly do you mean?
    1. Menu that appears at the top of public blog pages when you set it up that way as in the one
    (don’t know up to what WP version this supports)
    2. Admin Drop Down Menus or Lighter Admin Menus from WordPress Plugins

    Yes, a bar that appears on top of all public blog pages. Not a menu, really.

    I have made my own solution, simply using a div tag in the theme header. Its not exactly what I want; i would rather have a plugin do it, so it would be universal for all themes and easily configurable, but it works.

    Thank you…

    This is how I have inserted my own header, outside of templates and the like.

    @ Sidz, I see what you’re doing there. That is a different technique. Thanks for sharing. Interesting option.

    @ Original question. Maybe you were looking for something like the “stripe ad” fad? There’s a plugin for it, with example, but I don’t recommend this plugin. I recommend doing the same idea with your own CSS. Because unfortunately this plugin author makes you sign up for a spammy email list if you use his plugin 🙁

    it is a good looking style that meets what you say: a section above the header, that can show on all blog pages, in this case styled like a highlighter / warning message.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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