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    Would it be possible to make the DIV.edit-form-section wrapper applied around “edit_form_after_title” and “edit_form_after_editor” hooks optional in WP3.6? I mean filter it out if possible?

    Thank you.


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  • Dominik Schilling (ocean90)


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    I am not using classical meta boxes for additional post/page options due to saving some screen real estate.

    Instead I create a tabbed interface with tabs appeared above the visual editor (using the “edit_form_after_title” hook) and then inserting the tab contents (first one always displays visual editor) in “edit_form_after_editor”.

    In 3.5 this was working without an issue as I was in control of wrapping divs. But now in 3.6 the tabs and their contnets are enclosed in your new wrapper DIV which obviously causing mess in my HTML.

    For better idea please see screensho:

    Hi, any update on this suggestion please?

    Can I rise this as a ticket for WordPress 3.6 development? If so, can you advice how? Thanks!


    I can see this was not implemented in the new WP3.6 Beta 2. Could you at least give me answer why this is not being considered? Is it “bad practice”? And if so, why?



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    As I’ve described in my duplicate deleted thread, I created it to get the answer for my issue above. I am a WordPress developer myself, I don’t need a help from WP Jobs. I posted a suggestion for WordPress 3.6, but haven’t received any answer for it…

    That’s why I’ve asked what’s the best way to propose a feature fix in WP3.6? Can anyone help me with it?

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    Can you post a link to the code you WERE using?

    FWIW, you’re doing something ‘abnormal’ (which doesn’t make it wrong or right, just different) so far fewer people know this off the top of their heads.

    Thank you for the answer.

    The code was created by me and is not in any online repository to see. But I can explain what it does:

    • edit_form_after_title hook – I output UL list of tabbed interface here and open the first tab content DIV
    • edit_form_after_editor hook – I close the first tab content DIV and output the other content DIVs

    The first content DIV is always a visual editor. But as you can see, when I open the DIV in one hook and closing it in another one, this was working fine in WP3.5 as no wrapper was added to those hooks. Once there is a wrapper, it obviously messes up the HTML and the opening of first tab content DIV will never close, while the closing DIV has no opening counterpart. This is causing issues obviously. I would much appreciate if the wrapper in those hooks introduced in WP3.6 was somehow made optional if you are using your own, specially styled wrappers.

    I understand, this is something “special” to WordPress, but I find this more screen space efficient than using classical meta boxes for additional page/post options.

    (The link to the screenshot above should be still available, please let me know if it’s not.)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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