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  • I am building my first website using WP and woocommerce and am having an issue that has been addressed before but none of the resolutions have done anything for me. After reading various replies regarding changing the permalink to default and another user suggesting the home page fix (changing to a static page), I did a lot of other searching and have kept coming up empty. I had an “ah-ha” moment yesterday when i though that maybe my products not having weight and dimension information was causing the issue but after changing one product to test the theory, nothing changed. When I tried the permalink suggestion, i actually just got a 404 error for my cart page. My hosting service, justhost, helped me upgrade my PHP limit to 96 as was suggested in another WP forum thread but that hasn’t fixed the issue either. Do you have any other suggestions that might let me actually use my ecommerce site? Im really at a loss here and after 2 full days of trying things, I don’t know where else to turn! I am using woocommerce w/the wootique theme 1.6.9 and wooframework 5.5.5. My website is or Thanks in advance!

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  • I think your checkout page is using the theme’s blog template rather than the default. Look on the page editor in the dashboard and check the template in use.

    Hey, WPRanger. That got me further than I had been before. The Dashboard for Wootique was set to static and HOME for the home page but to CHECKOUT for the posts page. So I can now get to the checkout page from the cart! However, now my home page is kind of funny looking. Instead of displaying the content that is defined on the home page I set up, it is displaying all the information from all my pages. Any suggestions on how to fix this new issue?

    Looks like you simply need to set your site to use a static page, but use your front page template for Front Page and your blog template for Posts.

    Should those be of the auto generated variety or can I create pages w/whatever content I like as long as I name them correctly? Currently, I do not have pages that are named either of those things.

    Looks like things are working pretty smoothly now. Thanks so much, WPRanger! +several million internets for the awesome assistance!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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