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    Although it seems like an absolute necessity, there just doesn’t seem to be an end all front end submission solution for WordPress. This plugin, without question, comes the closest though. While, the only viable competitor, Gravity forms is a lot cleaner and well maintained it lacks the essential frontend user interface and editing capability that makes WPUF so awesome (Plus you have to pay for it, ugh). As much time as I have spent working on this and after reading just about every post in the support forum, I figure I might as well share my thoughts. I would certainly be willing to contribute if there were any indication that the following additions could be made to the plugin.

    Major Stuff
    support for multiple forms – This is pretty self explanatory. In my case, we need multiple forms for different custom post types. A fork of the plugin by another developer sort of works but it overrides the custom fields portion of the plugin which obviously prevents it from being a final solution. I’m not having much luck doing it differently.

    Recognition of WP capabilities – For instance, users should not be able to edit or delete posts that have been published if they have not been granted the edit_published_posts capability. I was able to take care of my issue by modifying two lines of code so it seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement a more solid fix. I use the User Role Editor plugin and it has allowed me to make some useful changes to what users can and can’t do.

    Slightly less Major Stuff
    Support for custom taxonomies – This is kind of a big one for me. I used Tareqs guide for extending the plugin to add some check-boxes for custom taxonomies and it was not difficult but dashboard support for this would be cool.

    Support for custom post types – Like taxonomies, custom post types are becoming utilized more and more. It would be nice to be able to create multiple forms and indicate which kind of post type they would be.

    Support for check-boxes for custom fields – It seems strange that there would be text options for custom fields but not check-boxes. Again, I was able to use the guide to hook some check-boxes in so not really an issue but I’m sure people would like to see that in the back-end.

    Also, just a bug
    When the rich text editor is enabled, and the images are inserted in to the post with the add media button, images become associated with both the post and the add-post page. So, all of the images appear below the add post form for all users. I’m looking in to fixing this.

    Big thanks to Tareq and everyone else who has worked on this plugin. WPUF is the hero that WP needs.

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  • I guess I’ll go ahead and resolve this.

    Thanks gpspake for your input. Between you, me , and Tareq (and other contributors to this forum) WP User Frontend is undergoing huge development at this time.

    Tareq and yourself are making huge gains in the “Multiple Forms” department.

    Your work on custom taxonomies, expanding on Tareq’s work, looks promising as is your work on custom post types.

    Also noticed your work on Adding Images and have contributed some thoughts. I’m unaware of the image bug you mention so I will look into that.

    As to myself I’m about to release a new development version which adds the capability to add and edit ‘private’ posts (viewable to only logged in users) and to change the post status.

    Both Tareq and me have been looking at allowing unlogged in users to add posts (with Captcha) and have progressed quite far in this area.

    One of my concerns is that with the wealth of options now being added WP User Frontend is becoming overly complex for the basic user and we may need to split it into two to support effectively both user bases. One model could be having a basic version with standard fields that emulates the WordPress backend and an advanced version that has custom fields and multiple forms. Have mentioned the possibility of using a plugin model to extend Frontend for those who want more (and allowing others to contribute more effectively without affecting the Frontend base). Of course the many actions and filters already implemented in Frontend make this vastly simpler.

    Your Thoughts?

    The Professor

    Yeah, I’m pretty excited about it. The overhaul going to be pretty awesome and worth paying for.

    I didn’t really accomplish much with the multiple forms functionality; the way Tareq is handling it is super clean and integrates in to WordPress perfectly so anything I’ve done there can’t even come close to comparing. The taxonomies check-box addition was useful but, again, he’ll be adding that functionality to the pro version much more professionally. The only suggestions I had were an option for custom post type submission and your changes that allow wp-default options for editing and deleting posts from the dashboard. Other than that, I can’t find anything I don’t like about the new one.

    WPUF is a big deal and I think the pro version will compete heavily with Gravity Forms.
    Personally, I’m a little bummed that I won’t be able to use any paid version on the site I’m working on because of Contract/Legal issues that the organization I work for has with GPL. I’ll probably just buy it for my self to support it since it’s been so useful.

    Hey Guys,

    All these are great news, I love the plugin. I found another bug, that someone already found. Could you please look into that as well?

    A thumbnail is placed on the pages if you insert an image with <ul class=”wpuf-attachments”>


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