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  • I acknowledge they do not check the forum frequently.

    HOWEVER, WPTouch free version no longer works – period.

    I have deactivated the plug-in since it is not working, so checking my website is not helpful.

    Procedures I tried – rolling back my version of WordPress. Rolling back my version of WPTouch. Re-installing WP ground-up. Deleting and resetting my .HTACCESS. Dumping all CSS and cached files.

    I will probably move on to another mobile enabler option, but it is important the developers know that the previous iteration was broken for those of us who are free users.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @maibjorklund,

    Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having. It’s not the experience we want any user of WPtouch to have.

    HOWEVER, WPTouch free version no longer works – period.

    Please let us know how it doesn’t work. Do you see any error messages? White/blank screen? With some more information on how it’s not working we’ll have a better idea of what might be happening. Thanks.

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    Upon investigation into my theme settings I’ve discovered that my Bauahaus theme directory is missing, which might explain why the customizr/demo version says that I am running WPtouch but no one else can see it.

    Does that mean that all the themes have moved to a pay-to-use format?

    None of my menus are working. There is no responsiveness and when you look at my website through a mobile device (or a mobile testing platform) it does not register any activity or execution of said plugin to make the website mobile compatible or responsive.

    What my website looks like on a desktop:

    If you would like to look I have re-activated the plug-in.

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    2nd Edit/Update:
    I have 2 directories in my file manager with the bauhaus folder but for some weird reason the plugin is not pulling it up at all:

    /public_html/wp-content/plugins/wptouch/themes/bauhaus and

    I noticed that you are now calling the theme bauhaus pro – is this impacting its behavior?

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    No, not all the themes have moved to the pay-to-use (Pro) format. WPtouch free still includes the Bauhaus theme. The Bauhaus Pro name refers to the Pro version of Bauhaus. It shows up in the Themes area of the WPtouch admin panel, to show all the available themes in the Pro version. This shouldn’t be causing the issue you see.

    I would recommend re-installing the WPtouch plugin. You can deactivate it and delete it via the Plugins page in WordPress. Your settings will remain safe (they’re stored in the database). Then, re-install the plugin via Plugins > Add New.

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    Not sure what was broken that all the other re-installs didn’t fix but that seemed to do the trick.

    Thank you very much @wptouch.

    I do however feel like an idiot now, LOL

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    Glad to know you were able to get things sorted out. You’re welcome.

    My apologies if I’m not posting in the correct thread. I have used wp touch in the past and I loved it. Now, while in mobile version, my menu is completely unresponsive. I have added my pages and selected my main menu
    My website is

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    Looking at the site via Chrome’s JavaScript console, I see an error related to the mailchimp signup form. To verify, briefly deactivate the mailchimp plugin and refresh the WPtouch theme and see if the menu then works.

    If it doesn’t right away, try deleting the /wp-content/wptouch-data/cache/wptouch-051121c47a6554ab11aba8996de201fd95cef9b3.js file via FTP. A new one will be generated next time you load the WPtouch theme.

    Bauhaus the only theme in WPTouch free ?

    “You’re using Bauhaus, which currently does not support tablets.”

    All other 7 are then only for paid Pro version ?

    For WP Multisite, no matter which theme you use, opening WP where WPTouch is installed/active, the opening page gives you 2 option, Mobile or PC/computer view.
    Mobile button take you nowhere, but other button surprisingly shows the page as it should for mobile device.

    How to change names on those buttons?

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    Hi @petecomwest,

    Yes, Bauhaus is the only theme available in WPtouch free.

    Please share the url of the site in question so that we can see and inspect the issue you are describing.

    Hi hi @wptouch

    Here is one that I have just opened in Android CW N-Blog

    But all of them, and there are MANY my Multisite blogs are the same.

    Not very clever to publish URL’s here but we’ll see.

    I should have received email for your reply, but now unfortunately one whole week my main service provider have been in real trouble with someone hack attacking several their servers, and they needed to move everything to new places.

    It took just 1+ day, but after that I receive 2000 “Site DOWN / Site UP” emails from Jetpack and other Uptime managers, which filled my email box all the time.

    So don’t be surprised if that URL don’t work right now, but will work again in 30 sec to few mins. – Crazy situation !!

    I do have screen prints of situation, but here seems to no have Attachment option, bitty.

    Btw. how long time you can edit you message?
    I mean if I get your reply soon, I’ll take that URL off.

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    I have the url, you can edit your message if you don’t want your url public anymore. I’ll take a look and get back to you soon.

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    @petecomwest ,

    I’m assuming you want to show the blog post list, like in the desktop theme. If that’s the case, go to Settings > General > Landing Pages > Posts page and select the Blog page as the Posts page.

    Hello @wptouch
    First, thank you for making this plugin available in a free version. It’s a fast and easy way to quickly have a mobile website.

    I’m getting a similar error as @majorkeys above. The menu has recently (but I don’t know when) become unresponsive. Here’s the website :

    I’ve checked the console and it seems a jQuery issue. But I’m not familiar with this.

    TypeError: e.indexOf is not a function
        load jQuery
    Error :event is undefined

    I’ve tried to remove the Mailchimp signup form widget, remvove the Events Calendar widget, disable the Gravity form mailchimp add-on plugin, and delete the file you mention above, all without success 🙁

    Would you have any idea on how to solve it ?
    Many thanks.

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