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  1. Ruthie1
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Re: WPtouch
    About to pull the plug!
    1) I have a News & Events menu item (it's a page w/no content) which opens to blog posts. The page shows up on my iPhone but not the blog content.
    2) I cannot get the little help question marks to open up for more information. Very frustrating. I have NO documentation.
    3) WPtouch Home Page is a problem. If I select EITHER my static home page OR leave it on "WordPress Settings" (also my static home page), I get "Safari cannot open...too many redirects". I can set a gallery page but I really want to open the home page.
    4) I uploaded a 60x59 logo but it isn't showing up.
    Site: http://www.lynnlevinephotography.com
    Please help. I have several other sites to take mobile and I will purchase Pro if I can get going.

  2. BraveNewCode Inc.
    Posted 3 years ago #

    At this point, we don't see WPtouch active at that url so we're unable to troubleshoot but with changes made based on the response on your other thread (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/not-doing-what-i-expected), you may start seeing improvements.

    When you set your mobile theme home page to be the same as the home page set in your WordPress Settings, you're creating an infinite loop. If you want the home page to be the same, select "WordPress Settings" for the WPtouch Home Page.

    Your home page uses a custom page template. WPtouch cannot accommodate that type of advanced desktop theme functionality. WPtouch Pro can do that. You may want to choose a different home page such as your latest blog posts if you want to use the free plugin.

    First upload your logo (Logo/Bookmark Icons), save, then select your logo under the option for a "Logo & Home Screen Bookmark Icon".

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