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  • Found and downgraded to the version . This solved the WPtouch + WP Super Cache issue. Please look into 2.4.1, something is wrong there.

    Hi ymf,

    Can you describe the issue? What was breaking and under what conditions? If you can provide some more information I can work on trying to solve it.


    Aaron, I don’t want to go back to AddThis 2.4.1 on the live site, so, I’ll give the symptoms and the scenario from my memory.

    1) With AddThis 2.4.1: Delete cache in WP Super Cache -> log off -> visit the homepage using any Windows browser (tried latest Chrome / IE / FF / Safari) -> looks good.

    2) Log in -> delete cache in WP Super Cache -> log off -> visit the homepage using Safari in the “User Agent = iPhone” mode -> looks awful: doesn’t look like the WPtouch-powered site is supposed to look at all; instead, looks like a broken regular theme (Atahualpa) where most styles are lost: e.g. horizontal menus in the header are displayed as a regular list.
    Immediately after that…, visit the homepage using any Windows browser (Chrome / IE / FF) -> looks the same broken theme as just looked in Safari that emulated iPhone.

    The symptoms disappeared when either deactivating AddThis, or downgrading to AddThis 2.3.2. I also tried to replace AddThis with Share Buttons by Lockerz / AddToAny and everything works well out of the box with it.

    Hope it helps. Thanks.


    I’m using WP-Touch but not Super Cache. Installing 2.4.1 on a site I’m developing live.

    I’m using 2.4.1 with WP-Touch 1.9.41 on WP 3.4. using the Opera Mobile Browser set to HTC Desire the site is working correctly and looks correct. My OS is Ubuntu/Gnome/Firefox 11.0 (ubuntu 1.0)

    Installed Super Cache from WP. Got version 1.1. Went to plugin tab and set it to cope with WP-Touch went to the easy tab, clicked “Caching On.” Ran test on Cache, passed all test.

    visited site with Opera Mobile again, loaded several new pages, everything looked normal.

    I knew that Super Cache had a built-in work around for WP-Touch. Is that Set on your site ymf?

    hmmm. I cleared everything and reloaded to double check. I’m not getting garbage pages but WP-Touch is either downgrading to serving the full site or it is being skipped entirely… I’ll get back with more shortly.

    I knew that Super Cache had a built-in work around for WP-Touch. Is that Set on your site ymf?


    On my site, WPtouch works properly with AddThis 2.3.2 or with similar-functionality Share Buttons by Lockerz / AddToAny 1.0.3, but not with AddThis 2.4.1.

    The theme is Atahualpa.

    Deleted Cache -> Opera(HTC Desire) -> Page is back to WP-Touch version.

    Checked caching triggered by WP-Touch (Opera Mobile) hits in Firefox, looks fine.
    Checked caching triggered by Firefox hits in WP-Touch pages (Opera Mobile), Looks fine.

    both browsers are working with unchached pages and cached pages.

    Set WP-Touch support in WP Super Cache configuration.
    Delete Cache.

    Works here. I’ll leave super cache up for the day if you guys want to bang on it. (this site is under development/testing)

    I guess it could be your theme. Please note, I have WP-Touch, WP-Super-Cache and Addthis 2.4.1 running correctly right now at the site I mentioned. Check it on your end with your browsers.

    I’m not saying your problem isn’t real 😉

    I just loaded the Atahualpa theme. First load in Opera mobile (HTC Desire) generated a messed up page much like ymf described.

    Loading the same page in Firefox gives the cached page with the old theme.

    Cleared firefox browser cache, reoaded same page, still getting the Super Cache page with the old theme.

    Cleared both browser and WP-SC. Site works normally.

    Deactivated addthis 2.4.1. Site works normally.

    Reactivated Addthis 2.4.1. Site works normally.

    I can switch the mobile back and forth from WP-Touch version to fullsite version.

    Manually clearing the cache in WP-SuperCache after making changes is critical to correct functioning from my testing.

    Check out It is setup exactly as you described ymf. If that site is working on your browser and phone then it must be some other issue/plugin/customization.

    Brig Young,

    I checked – site loads but does not show a WPtouch theme while looking in Safary in the “User Agent = iPhone” mode: it shows TwentyEleven theme (you must be doing more testing and deactivated Atahualpa theme?). Same when using a desktop browser (Chrome).

    The side does show WPtouch at though when “User Agent = iPhone”; but it also shows WPtpoch when looking at this page in the normal Windows browser. Weird.

    I don’t see AddThis toolbar on the site although I do see its traces in the pages’ html.

    Try to deactivate AddThis plugin and see whether a desktop browser and a mobile browser will show, respectively, TwentyEleven and WPtouch themes.

    Thanks for your attempt to solve this issue.


    I was working on the site for a bit after my last post, you may have hit it then. I’ve checked the site on several actual phones today including Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, LG Net-10 “smartphone” and one iPhone. Site looked normal on all of them. The broswer version however is showing issues. I got this error in WP in some of the message boxes on the dashboard:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1966080 bytes) in (FILE-SYSTEM)/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php on line 5426

    I’m not sure what the memory demands are or what my ultimate constraints are here on this host.

    This is with everything running as described above. I’m going to let this sit for now I have other work I have to get done. I have another site I can set up to test this if needed but that might not be for another day.

    I wasn’t able to investigate this more tonight, I did discover that WP-Super-Cache leaves a mess when it uninstalls. Looks like I have some housekeeping to do tomorrow 🙂

    There is a known issue with AddThis conflicting with WPtouch (WPtouch Pro has disabled the AddThis containers by default).

    You may instruct WP Super Cache to reject mobile user agents in its “Advanced” tab by adding the following list of user agents:
    blackberry 9800
    blackberry 9780
    blackberry 9850
    blackberry 9860

    If you have others, add them to the list. Purge WP Super Cache’s stored pages and you should see better interplay with WPtouch.

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