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  • btw this is the website:

    theme is Gridly.
    Masonry + infinite scroll + every other javascript is just disappeared when activating WPTouch.

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    I don’t see an active installation of WPtouch on your site when viewing with a mobile device. However, once activated, it replaces your site’s desktop theme with its own set of templates when viewing the site with a mobile device.

    Hi, thank you.

    i didnt mean to the mobile theme, I know its being replaced, that is the main idea abotu wptouch.
    I’m talking about my regular theme (pc, desktop), it still showing my default theme, but all the scripts (js) are disabled…

    I can activate wptouch, and it looks PERFECT on mobile. but the desktop theme is messed up because of the javascripts disabling.. this is why I disabled WPTouch, dont want my pc visitors to run away…

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    We’ll need to see the behaviour in action in order to help work out what might be going on here. Can you give us a time window in which you can have WPtouch enabled for us to see?

    Sure I’d love to.
    you know what, I’ll leave it activated for the next 5 hours. I’ll lose some clients but thats worth your solution.

    I think the problem is that WPTouch overrides my function.php file + some other files of my main theme. this shouldnt happen…

    ok, I’ll leave it to you guys.

    Thank you!

    (btw, if you’ll solve this for me, I’ll buy the pro version tomorrow)

    it disables all my plugins, as I said, here is a list of my plugins that are now disappered (wptouch activated):
    Infinite Scroll
    Shadow Box
    Cyclon Slider

    and all other javascript files.
    you wont see them in the source of the website because they just not there when wptouch is on….

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    Out of curiosity, do you have WPtouch’s setting to use jQuery 2.0 enabled (Core Settings > Tools & Debug, with Admin Mode set to Advanced)?

    no. should i turn it on? I didnt even turn the advance settings on..

    thats not the problem though, just tried it on and off…

    look, when I put the masonry script for example in my header.php file, it works.
    when I leave it in the functions.php:
    wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery.masonry’, get_template_directory_uri().’/js/masonry.pkgd.min.js’, array( ‘imagesLoaded’), null, true );

    it just disappered.

    let me point you to the right solution – wptouch is overriding my theme files. it overrides the functions.php file which include the majority of my scripts. and other then that, it overrides some of my plugins scripts that are loaded from their own files…

    I hope you understand me, please excuse my english.

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    OK – can you disable WPtouch again?

    DONE 🙂

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    WPtouch does not selectively override other plugins or theme files – it only acts when it receives a mobile request (or the WPtouch preview parameter is passed in the request, which is not the case here). When it does step in, it completely replaces your desktop theme for the active request.

    WordPress plugins often load in an unpredictable order. Sometimes conflicts become apparent only when another, unrelated plugin is activated and changes that order. It looks like that is what happening here.

    Should you want to continue using WPtouch, we would suggest following the usual WordPress debug procedure of disabling your other plugins one at a time to see which might be causing the underlying problem. Our Pro support team are great at helping solve challenges like this.

    Thank you, but what do you except me to do? I DO want to use wptouch and DO want to buy the PRO version, but first I want to see it working perfectly with my other plugins.

    I cant understand how disabling the plugins one by one can help me fix the problem. I know which plugins are not working when I activate WPTouch.. what should I do next? is it the plugins load order?

    If I’ll buy the pro version, will your support team fix this problem for me? without telling me to delete some of my plugins that do not work with wptouch?

    thank you again you are great and this plugin is great, just please help me solve this before I spend 50$ on the pro version.

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    As mentioned, the problem you’re seeing is something that is not caused directly by WPtouch – the plugin simply doesn’t make those types of changes. Disabling other plugins will reveal the actual cause of the problem, which will allow you to resolve the issue and be able to keep using WPtouch. Our Pro support team will certainly be happy to help you do so.

    ok, i just tried to disable my plugins one by one. no luck. nothing works. there is no specific plugin that is causing this.

    is there anything else i should try?

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