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    I’m using Pixel and after seeing how beautifully WPtouch worked with a personal blog on, I decided to try it out on my elsewhere-hosted company site. Aside from typographical issues, which are needed to affect the rendering in HTML, the biggest problem is that there’s no way to get to any static page, other than the default page.

    My “About, Engineering, and Demos” pages are not accessible in WPtouch anywhere as far as I can see. the only things that pop up with the right “tick” menu are “Home, rss feed, and e-mail.”

    The theme, Pixel, automatically takes blog posts and creates dedicated pages for them by category. So I’ve used this to create three dynamic pages called “Rental Gear, News, and For Sale.” These dynamic (created on the fly by WordPress) pages are accessable in WPtouch’s “Categories” menu. But my static pages are nowhere to be found.

    I’ll leave it on so people can see what I’m dealing with but will ultimately have to deactivate it because it renders half the site unviewable, which is unacceptable.

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  • I figured it out. Operator error. I never expected the default operation of WPtouch to be to NOT list static pages on my blog. But that’s what it does.

    The reason behind that is that some users have several dozen pages, and the WPtouch menu then spans right off the bottom of the viewport until/unless they edit it.

    With 2.0 we’re bringing lots of great enhancements and changes, among them better page management.

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