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  1. ianfrancisryan@eircom.net
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I am running thew mysitemyway Awake v3.0 theme and WPTouch v1.9.6.
    My home url is http://distinctwebsitesolutions.com.

    I have the following issues:-

    1. When I load the site on the iPhone (iOS v6), the smart theme loads as expected. However, some of the smart menu selections (e.g. Contact Us and Blog) load the standard site page rather than the smart equivalent.

    2. The standard site Contact Us and Blog pages on the iPhone appear as single column pages rather than in their standard site multi-column form.

    3. Also, when I select "Off" on the iPhone in order to view the standard site nothing happens and the smart site page I am currently viewing is simply refreshed.

    Could you offer any advice on what the issue(s) might be?

    Finally, do you know if it is possible to disable the "On/Off" feature so that if a visitor is viewing the site on a smart device the smart theme is loaded without the option to switch between standard and smart views?

    Many Thanks


  2. Andrew Bartel
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Commercial themes are not supported on these forums, but mysitemyway has great paid support, I'd post on their forums.

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