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  • Your plugin installed beautifully and everything looks great, but on both iPhone and Android, audio and video that I’ve embedded using MediaElement.js doesn’t show up. (There are white spaces where the media should be.) And oddly, on the Android device, the audio player flashes for a second while the post loads and then disappears.

    Any ideas? Here’s an example of the code I’m using to embed audio …

    [mejsaudio src=”″]


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    WPtouch fully supports the HTML5 audio and video tags. If you have any Flash video/.swf files included in your embed code, you may experience performance issues with the surrounding code as iOS devices do not support Flash. If you cannot resolve your issues, please consider emailing us your question with urls where you’re experiencing trouble. If you’d like to to have a deeper look, you may send temporary WP admin access credentials as well.

    I have this problem too. The player not displayed in post.
    example: (Hebrew).

    I am having the same issues. Love the layout and everything is awesome except media. And media elements is html5. more direction would be appreciated. is the site – in mobile browser, obviously.

    I’m noticing some serious sluggishness with embedded Soundcloud and Bandcamp players populating on my site, even some embedded youtube videos. In some cases, the players never even make it up. In other cases, only parts of the embedded players populate. For instance, I’ve had one Bandcamp player show up except for the Play button.

    IIRC, Bandcamp recently made some adjustments to their site that directly addressed mobile tech functionality, especially iPhones and iPads. I also read on Soundcloud’s blog that they’ve been tweaking their HTML5 players.

    It’s on an iPad that I noticed something had recently changed regarding the embedded players. A handful of weeks ago, no problems. However, my Mac laptop is also having some difficulties, so it might not just be a WPTouch mobile issue.

    I don’t know if maybe the current version of WPTouch is clashing with the new bandcamp and soundcloud code. From my (amateurish) observations, there’s a part of me that’s wondering if some of the problem has to do with the Sharing functionality built into each embedded player. If I could find a way to extract the Sharing language of the bandcamp and soundcloud players, I can’t help but wonder if that would clear the problem up.

    That said, WPTouch is an excellent product. I’m sure whatever is causing the recent static will get resolved.


    EDIT: Eh, sorry, I got distracted by latest posts, forgot that the OP doesn’t coincide with my post. I can create a new thread if you like.

    Plugin Author BraveNewCode Inc.


    Hi hatul,

    We’re not seeing WPtouch enabled on your website. Please activate it, let us know and we’ll take another look.


    It looks like the player you are using does not have a fallback to non-flash based files as the files also do not play in the desktop theme when viewing on a mobile device. So the issue does not seem to be WPtouch-specific.

    Bird is the Worm, if you have a similar issue you can share the URL of the website in question and we’ll gladly take a look. Thanks.

    I changed the theme to twenty twelve for mobile and so I not need WPtouch.

    H, BNC.

    My site is at

    While I was out of town over the weekend, I took advantage of the various computers etc at my disposal. I also had a conversation with someone who, I came to learn, shares my site’s host. I am leaning more toward the possibility that it was a host issue more than a WPtouch, and it was simply that the problems were manifesting with items that are most commonly associated with WPtouch’s area of concern.

    But if you wanted to glance it over, it would be welcome. If nothing else, it would be helpful if you were able to rule out WPtouch as going concern.


    Thanks for the reply, Brave…or is it BNC…

    I can get the files to play in the browser, not in the mobile iOS. Not that it really matters as most of our traffic is mobile and on iPads and iPhones.

    Whatever the reason, MediaElements and WPTouch are not playing nice with each other. I love you both – why can’t we just all get along?? 🙂

    I am reaching out to MediaElements to get their perspective on this but in the meantime, I deactivated MediaElements. You can get audio now through WPTouch. It’s just not as cool looking or has the controls that MediaElements had.

    Thanks for checking, though! Love the product.

    I just crossed my fingers and upgraded to, but MediaElements audio and video is still a no-go with WPTouch. And as thegsides mentioned, MediaElements is HTML5. That’s why I switched to it from an old Flash player I was using.

    Here’s an example …

    Thanks guys!



    I see this problem as well:

    WPtouch: 1.9.42

    MediaElement.js – HTML5 Audio and Video: 2.9.1

    WordPress: 3.4.2

    When I inspect the element in Safari’s developer tools, it looks like the <audio> tag is converted to an <object> tag.

    When the page first loads, I see the proper <audio> element load but then it disappears.

    It used to correctly display in WPtouch.



    Perhaps a solution???

    I’m not sure how this will work with other sites, but we use sermon browser plugin on our blog with media elements.js with WPTouch.

    Following the instructions in this support forum, I got the media to play in Wptouch while using media elements.

    I am not near intelligent enough to tell you why this is working but maybe one of you can figure it out.

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