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  • is the welcome page to my Web site. When I go to it on my iPhone I get a message that says “Safari can’t find the page because too many redirects occurred.” If I switch to the desktop version, everything displays fine.

    I currently have all plugins except WPtouch deactivated and I have cleared the cache from Safari and MobileSafari. The same problem occurs.

    For troubleshooting purposes, I tried changed the settings in WPtouch so that would redirect to , which is a page with multiple blog posts on it. It displays an icon and the page title “Trucker Dump: All posts,” but it doesn’t display any blog posts. Again, when I switch to the desktop version, everything displays correctly.

    I read in the forums that custom themes can sometimes cause problems. My theme is Canvas from WooThemes. Any help with this would be appreciated.

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  • Update: Part of my problem is solved. My main site shows up on my iPhone now. It was a setting in WPtouch. I was redirecting the home page back to the home page. Changed it to WordPress Settings and PRESTO!

    However, when I tap on Menu>Trucker Dump, it still doesn’t display any of my posts. It should take you either to or , whichever looks better.

    The RSS Feed menu item does display the blog posts, but naturally they’re as ugly as sin. Kinda defeats the purpose of installing WPtouch in the first place.

    Am I missing another setting? Will upgrading to the Pro version work? I have no programming experience, so nothing too complicated please.


    Glad you got that worked out. Regarding your blog posts page, if the page used to display your blog posts uses a custom page template, the free version of WPtouch will not be able to display it. WPtouch Pro can handle custom page templates, custom post types, and more so if that’s what your desktop theme uses, then yes, you may want to try WPtouch Pro.

    You may want to temporarily switch to a basic theme such as TwentyEleven to test that page with WPtouch Pro. This will let you know if your chosen theme is conflicting.

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