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  1. hnersu
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi i had to disable my wpstats plugin for some reason, and when i tried to activate it again, i got this message:(in warning red color)
    WordPress.com Stats needs attention: please enter an API key or disable the plugin.
    so i entered my api key..now inspite of me entering the warning still wouldnt go away.(tried refreshing, logging out etc)

    infact i can see various options on my wp stats plug in page, one such one is this..
    The API key "xxxxxxxxxx" belongs to the WordPress.com account of "my wp user name". If this is not your account, please re-enter your API key.

    well this message means it registered my api key and rightly points to my wp username, so why is tht error message not going? i cant see blog stats anymore in my dashboard.

    pls help.

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