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  • after upgrading to wordpres 2.3.2 i reactivated all my plugins including stats. but when i activated stats plugin, it asked me again for my api key. when i inputted my api key, in my dashboardit shows 2url of my blog. one showing stats of my blog before and one showing stats of my blog after i reactivated the plugin.i is this how it works?

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  • I might be able to help you if I knew your blog URL. Keeping it secret just makes help impossible…

    Andy I have a similar problem. I have it installed at my site ( and have been running a svn copy of 2.4 ( and dumped my main database into a backup to see how 2.4 is going.

    Now when I go to my regular site stats it shows up listed as the svn copy, with a link to the svn dashboard too. I have disabled the plugin on my svn 2.4 copy in hopes it would straighten itself out. It has not done so.

    Anyway to fix this so my main site does not keep getting listed as the beta?

    hi andy! my url is , after i reactivated the stats plugin, when i go to my dashboard to view my blog stats, then login to my wordpress global dashboard (username is pusangkalye), it shows me on the upper right of the page an option to switch between two url – which happens to be the same url name. the difference when i choose the first one is that is shows the stats of my blog before i deactivated the plugin and the when i choose the other one, it shows my blog stats after i reactivated my plugin.

    I am getting this exact same issue since upgrading to 2.2.2 – duplicates appearing in stats dashboard. Any ideas?

    anyone got ideas about this?

    guessing no-one else is experiencing this..

    It looks like you moved WordPress into a directory named wp and this made the program think that it was a different blog. I’ll see if I can fix that.

    actually my blog was installed in the folder “wp” already eversince and my index file is located outside the “wp” folder which is on my root directory. this has been the scenario eversince. when i upgraded to 2.3.2, i just set it up the same way – updated the index file in my root directory and updated all other wp files inside my “wp” folder. hmmm.. anywa hope you can find a way 🙂 thanks a lot andy 🙂

    I have a similar problem:
    I have recently changed the url of my blog (self hosted)from server02.domain.ext to http://www.domain.ext. I was using the first name for testing purposes and when I finally deleted the old www site and changed the dns to point to new one (server02) everything workes fine. I changed the correct options in WP and the new http://www.domain.ext works perfectly. In my statistics page it tells me (correctly, I might add) that I now have two sites (server02 and www). How can I merge the statistics for two sites into one, or if that it not possible, how can I delete all statistics and the site entry for server02 ?
    It just bugs me a bit to have an old and useless statistics up on my dashboard.

    Is there no way to fix this? My main site still shows up in the stats page as the svn copy I no longer maintain. Is there no way to get my site url back to what it should be?

    I’m having this same problem now. I just deactivated and reactivated the plugin and it created a duplicate stats page for my site.

    I’m guessing this is not a local problem, but a problem with the API keys?? Do they get corrupted somehow?

    Same exact problem. Deactivated then reactivated the plugin and it’s stopped taking stats for the original domain created a duplicate and now tracks stats for it. Is there any way to remove the duplicate? It’s only tracked a couple of days and I’d like to get it fixed before too much time passes.

    Same problem here on my website. I now have two sets of stats, one being the activity since I upgraded, and the other being the old stuff.

    I did a bunch of upgrading last night. I started by auto upgrading the WP-Stats plugin. It seemed to work fine at the time. Then I deactivated all of my plug-ins and upgraded WordPress from 2.5 to 2.5.1 Once I reactivated my plug ins the Stats was asking for a key, so I looked it up again and plugged it back in.

    The strange thing is that Akismet kept its key and continues to work fine.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Same problem hear too. I have two sets of stats on my blog, one with “” and another with “”.
    (since I upgraded to 2.5.1,too)

    this appears to be a problem with the API key that is managed by you have to ask their technical support to remove the duplicate entry. the problem is when they delete that entry, their database thinks you no longer have access to your own blog stats! i believe this is a known issue by both as well as the developers of the wp-stats plugin but there is no fix as of yet. we can only hope that it will be corrected in a future update. google analytics is a good free alternative in the meantime to keep stats of your page.

    and yes.. i too have this exact same problem. =(

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