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  • Hi Guys

    Just to let you know, we have built a full working shop cart plugin for WordPress. It is available from:

    There is a working example of the shop at:

    Please have a look at the plugin but as the office is closing for the weekend, we will be unable to offer any support until Monday 9am GMT.

    Enjoy the weekend.


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  • Great news! The downloaded zip file seems to be corrupt. Please check.

    Hi Herold

    Sorry about that. We have uploaded new plugin files at:

    Please try again and let me know. We will be actively working to sort out any bugs for folks.

    Many thanks.


    Hello Cregy,

    Mhhh, when I click on the link I get to your blog but I am not able to downlaod the zip file.

    Moi aussi, and I have been really looking for/waiting with bated breath for something like this!

    This has really good potential. Instead of donation links I want to sell things like shirts or bumperstickers from my sight to raise money. How hard is this to integrate into the already existing themes Or have a sidebar of items for sale?

    giving it a look


    The download is now working again. I should have added that the fancy url’s need to be turned off. We are working on a version to get them working. The htaccess files was blocking the downloads page! Plus I didn’t put a correct link in!



    I could not get it to work yet.

    I’ll be testing this. But I’m wondering. How actively do you see yourself developing this plugin? I think it has great potential, and would hate to see it abandonned.

    As soon as the permalinks (fancy URL’s) are working I will give it a try to test. Thank you for building the plugin.

    ok I have a sample store going – now to find some support

    Hi Guys

    Just a quick post. I am away for the day and will be unable to catch up with some of the posts, however I really want to respond to Manstraw and Herold.

    I really wanted to say we are committed to developing this plugin fully. We needed to get it out quickly to respond to ur own time factors. We now have a bit of space! We will be using the time to devlop the plugin further including the permalinks (sorry I can’t resist calling them fancy url’s!). I expect that our development of this plugin will continue throughout this year and on into the future.

    Many thanks for the interest.



    I have a few questions that a can’t find in the documentation on.

    First is it possible to hide wp-shop categories and sub pages.

    (ie on your site the powerbook, imac, mac mini)

    Second I was wondering if it is possible to put the the uploading images folder some where else with in the site. I am trying to keep all my images in a more centralized location.

    this is v.good Cregy

    The ONLY thing I’d like to be able to change is that it displays all the pages it has created, regardless of no content (because you’re using the pageid, v.sensibly).
    However, is there a mod that can choose which pages (pageid) to display or not display?

    I’m having a look now, so may answer myself…


    Hi All

    We have moved all correspondence to The plugin is due to be upgraded again shortly, so bookmark the site.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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