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  • Hi Peter. Thanks for the suggested solution before – I tried the new install of the plugin using the latest version from the site but I am still having issues. I still get the Database Error when I view the sermon management page and when I try to upload a sermon I just get a blank screen (with PHP error reporting turned on) and nothing more.

    Any ideas?!


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  • Also – Pete – wpsermons isn’t writing anything to my wordpress database. I’ve had a look and it hasn’t created any tables or anything. Does this mean I haven’t given it access properly?

    Apparantly, the plugin works fairly well on some installations and not so well on others. I will let you know if I am able to nail down any more bugs.

    I took the liberty of adding “wpsermons” to the topic title.

    Thanks! I thought that would happen automatically ‘cos I posted it on the plugin page!


    I kinda thought so too 🙂
    I see it added the plugin name as a tag, so that’ll help.

    Some of the problem may be the carriage returns at the end of the lines. In other words, he has extra characters there that should not be. The files are also CR’d as a PC instead of Unix.

    I removed the invalid CR from the files and everything started working right.

    The one thing I would like to see from this plug-in is the ability to specify what sermon to display when. I don’t want to show every sermon at the same time, but would rather show this last Sunday’s on a post that was posted Monday, and next Sunday’s on a post next Monday but not on last Sunday’s. Confusing enough?

    Thought so! 🙂

    I had noticed that issue with the carriage returns… i didn’t write the code like that and i tried to correct it, but for some reason my editor program decided to keep putting them back. I will fix this.

    As for the feature request… that’s very reasonable. I will see what I can do about that in a future version.

    Also, I’d love to see some demo sites running this plugin. Please post your URL here. Also, let me know if you would or wouldn’t mind me linking to it from the plugin homepage. Thanks!

    Peter –

    I tried to use the plugin and at first, the upload timed out. I thought it might be a problem with the file size, so I tried a smaller file.

    I got this error:

    Warning: move_uploaded_file(../wp-content/plugins/wpsermons/uploads/1181767490.mp3): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/vineyard/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wpsermons/managesermons.php on line 249

    Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move ‘/var/tmp/phpmLEEBr’ to ‘../wp-content/plugins/wpsermons/uploads/1181767490.mp3’ in /home/vineyard/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wpsermons/managesermons.php on line 249

    There was a glitch reported that seemed to be a problem with the way the I wrote my code (extra line breaks and such).

    I have just put up a new version (a bug fix actually), 0.8.2 which seems to correct this issue. I did a clean install of it on my wordpress site and everything works correctly.

    For information on how to upgrade, see the FAQ page for the plugin.

    Thanks Peter. I’m uploading a sermon and it doesn’t seem to be taking. Could it be related to the directory permissions?

    I did think of a few questions to ask…

    Can we upload a sermon via FTP and have it show up as a post?

    Also, I was thinking about whether or not to upload a small file thru the interface (to minimize upload time) and then replace it with the full version via FTP (faster upload time) once it shows up online. Is that kosher?

    What about a possibility of getting the details of the sermon from the ID3 tags?

    If I can get this working, you are welcome to use our church’s website for a demo site.

    To answer some questions…

    Your directory should have read/write permissions.

    You could upload the sermon via ftp after you send a small file through the system. But make sure that it has the same file name. The plugin generates a name for each file that gets uploaded (several digits).

    As for ID3 tags… I’m not sure. That would be a bit more difficult. And everybody might not use them (or have the correct data in them). I tried to make it simple.

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