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    Me: Built some websites using experience based on the job knowledge with no additional mysql or php training, so please keep answers directed at “the dummy”.

    Im pretty much finished with this site apart from the customers individual product arrangements.

    However, Im struggling to get the products images to show in the search results. Now after some homework ive found that the search results are pull the images from the “featured image”. So i figured, ok, 900 products, Ill use phpMyadmin to add all the image id’s from the product_images table to their associated products in the product_list table as I did the first time round with the main product images themselves. However this did not solve my problem. In addition, I also made another change to a product in the product_list table by adding some text to the “additional description” field, this did not show on the site. I also added a test product through the site that did not show in the table.

    2 questions really

    1. How do i get the images into the mysql table / get the featured image to match the product image (simply for the reason that there is 900 and im not sitting here doing it manually).

    2. Have I already done it as i mentioned above by inserting the product image id’s into the product list table under “thumbnail_id” and simply not refreshed the information correctly so that the site shows the changes.

    Thanks in advance

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