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  • Hi i have setup a WP Multisite (4 sites, first site is a simple landingpage with link to 3 other) on a shared hosting, sometimes the speed of the website is terrible therefore i give WPSC a try

    some questions (prohably stupid)

    i have activate WPSC in the network admin, new i have 5 ways to setup WPSC, in network admin and in each site, where do i have setup for best results! in network or in each site

    Second question, if i go to one of the sites and delete Cache is this only for this site or for all four?

    Third question can i delete cache for one Page?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Saša


    You should do Network activate because WPSC loads before other plugins (advanced-cache.php drop-in). So, most of settings are global and they are stored in wp-cache-config.php. Anyway, you can disable caching per site (Network Admin/Sites).

    CDN setup is stored in wp_options table and it’s specific for each site.

    If you are superadmin then you will see button Delete Cache On All Blogs which purges entire cache for all blogs. Delete Cache should purge only current site.

    When you go to page (frontend), Delete Cache in admin bar purges only current URL. There were some issues, but I hope that they were fixed (You could try development version if you find some issue before report it).

    I think that I answered on all questions, but you could ask for more details if you need it.

    Hi @winock

    With Multisite some settings are global and other settings per blog, which really depends on how you configure the plugin.

    For example the Advanced tab are global settings and will impact all blogs whether you configure them on an individual blog or on the network admin page.

    CDN and Preload tabs configuration can be done per blog.

    The Content tab is where you can delete cache. There are 3 buttons: Delete Expired, Delete Cache and Delete Cache on all blogs. From the Network admin page the Delete Expired and Delete Cache buttons will only delete cache for the main blog. From the individual blog admin pages the Delete Expired and Delete Cache buttons will affect the blog related to that admin page. The Delete Cache on All Blogs button will delete all cache for all blogs.

    To Delete Cache for a single page or post – if you are using Advanced Settings and select the option to clear all cache files when a post or page is updated this will delete the cache when you edit or publish a post or page.

    This is an excellent cache plugin for multisite. It takes a bit of time to understand all the features and settings but once you start using it you will find that the recommended settings work extremely well.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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